Recruiting Analysis: Terrace Bourne

6'1/2 315 lb. Jr. Terrace Bourne of Alexis I Dupont H.S. (DE) is a handful at both the defensive tackle and offensive guard positions. Although, he likely projects as a defensive tackle on the Division 1A level due to his current height, compact frame and ability to disrupt, he appears to have even better offensive guard skills.

Offensively, Terrace Bourne gets off the ball well and commits to his blocks. His ability to pull around the corner without wasting a lot of movement is apparent. He has nimble feet and good enough game speed to actually stay out in front during lead blocking situations.

Terrace gets a full punch and extension when blocking and doesnt just depend on the knockout blow. He obviously has a mean streak which enables him to not just block other players, but to completely clear out and finish them as well.

Defensively, Terrace appears to do a good job of bending down the line once he makes penetration. Being that he will be a nose tackle on the next level, I would like for him to play a little lower. There were a couple plays where he stood strait up, although this is absolutely fixable. His ability to move will benefit him greatly on defense.

Take a look at the film below and formulate your own assessment:

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