Impressive Freshman on the Rise

Get used to the name Charles Wingate because you are gonna be hearing it often over the next 3 years. This athletic young freshman WR/CB got called up to varsity this past season and plans to build upon his success in 2009 when he will have much more of a contributory role for the Bergen Catholic Crusaders. SOR spoke with this intriguing young man and is here to bring you the scoop.

Standing 5'9 165 lbs., Charles Wingate has the quickness to turn heads. When asked what makes him unique, he admitted, "My quickness and elusiveness is what separates me from a lot of guys. It allows me to make something out of nothing and generate big plays on the football field."

When asked what he likes most about the game, he mentioned, "I like the different speeds of the game and the way it forces you to step it up even more for every level that you accelerate to."

Coach Stengel definitely appears to be high on the kid. Chuck stated, "Coach is a great guy. He is always very complimentary of me to other people. One day coach Schiano was in his office and he called me in for a conversation. I thought it went well. He (Coach Schiano) told me he would be looking out for me and what I am able to accomplish as a sophomore next season. I thought that was cool."

Wingate talked a little about his will to compete; "I have always gone against the older guys. My quickness and craving for competition allows me to play with an older age group. I like to go out and show what I got. It's fun being a younger guy and still being able to do some things out there."

Rutgers and Syracuse already have a trained eye on Mr. Wingate and many suitors are sure to follow. Charles is looking for a great education, a good community, and terrific life teachers on the next level. SOR will definitely keep you informed as to the progression of his recruitment.

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