Quentin Gause Prepares for Jr. Season

A couple months a go, SOR brought you a brand new face in Quentin Gause. Since then, Gause has been training like there is no tomorrow in order to prepare for a breakout season next year. He has a bit of an advantage over most kids simply because both his father and uncle are personal trainers who ensure that Quentin maintains prime optimum condition year round. SOR will take a closer look.

Quentin Gause mentioned, " I have improved on most all of my lifts. My best improvements were on the squat rack as well as the leg press where I lift 500 and 1600 lbs. respectively." This 6'2 215 pound specimen is rippled in layers of muscle and I can see why. He works astronomically hard at the finished product we witnessed at the Badger Sports 7-on-7.

Quentin also participates in track and field where he runs the 100, 200, 400 as well as the long jump. His personal bests in each event are 11.0, 22.5, 54.0 and 21'.

Gause is truly a jack of all trades. He claims to have played a multitude of positions this past season including WR, FB, TB, TE, S, OLB, ILB, and a little bit of DT. "I love the game and that's why I play so many positions. If I could, I would play every position. I would love to go both ways on the next level. I think I would be able to pull it off."

Quentin is receiving a good amount of interest from Rutgers, Penn State, Notre Dame and UCLA. He seems to have a high opinion of Rutgers. "It is really nice. I like a lot of different things about it (RU). I plan to keep my options open though especially since I'm so young." he mentioned.

This talented young individual claims a 4.6 laser timed forty yard dash and has been hand timed as fast as 4.4.

Take a look at some of his sophomore highlights below and see why he has a few people excited:

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