ScoutTV: Damien Thomas

The East Orange Campus High School football team tries anything to get the ball into Damien Thomas' hands. There is a good reason why. He is electrifying with the football. Similar to a good RB back in the open field, he is able to make defenders miss while maintaining the quickness and speed to take the ball to the endzone.

It is fashionable to recruit those 6'2" and taller WRs. However, Damien Thomas is a player who demands the attention of college recruiters at a small stature. Thomas is a productive 5'10"-180lbs WR, who is blessed with a lot of speed and quickness as well as the ability to gain separation from DBs.

In the open field, he is dangerous as he utilizes his quickness to make defenders miss.

Take a look at Thomas' Highlights and make your own evaluation.

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