Photo Album: Big Time Showcase

The Big Time Showcase is amongst the best combines held in the Northeast. Many of the top prospects attended the event resulting in some of the best one-on-one battles seen at any combine. Come and take a look at some of the prospects and action from the event.

Photo Album: Big Time Showcase

George Stephens won the best RB award.

Jamaal Jackson displayed is ability to elude tacklers with his quickness
& speed.

Javarie Johnson ran a 4.52 forty and showed why he is amongst the best
LBs in the northeast with his pass coverage.

Joe Brennan was only bested by Richardo Young.

Josh Ford goes one-on-one with C.J Jones.

Top recruits Kevin Haplea and Shakim Phillips chose not to participate
in the event as a result of injuries. But with double digital offers there might
have not been a reason to risk further injury.

Kyle Polk was timed as 4.62 and ran with most of the RBs at the event
during the one-on-ones.

Michael Pearson was amongst the events best performers and rarely got beat.

Rising sophomore LB Quentin Gause should be amongst the top recruits in the 2011 Class.

As a sophomore, Quentin Gause showed is versatility as he played RB, FB, LB,
and DB

Richardo Young committed to Virginia Tech at the event. The Hokies
landed the services of one of the most accurate passers in the northeast.

Terrace Bourne and Micheal Pearson go one-on-one.

As a result of his dominance, Chris Woods walked away with the
DL MVP as well as the Overall Defensive MVP.

Richardo Young walked away with the QB MVP as well as the Overall Offensive MVP.

In a battle of the heavyweights, Martin Ojeda faces Chris Woods.

Dan Sullivan propels his 6'2"-215lb frame 40 yards in 4.6 seconds.

Kyle Polks completes the forty yards dash in 4.62 seconds.

Amongst the unknown to impress the on-lookers was Aaron Aiken, who
displays arm strength and accuracy.

Bennett Jackson poses to go one-on-one.

Chris Woods battles Micheal Pearson.

Chris Woods displays his power as he tosses one of the OLs out of his way.

Dan Sullivan wins the LB MVP.

Frank Quartucci wins the OL MVP.

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