Big Back Brings the Bruises

Tamir Turpin is an exceptional, yet highly unheard-of commodity at the feature-back position. Standing 6'2 and a lean 225lbs, the East Orange Campus standout has an explosive build highlighted by ripped abdominals and the speed to go along with his exceptional frame. On top of all of that, he is a terrific young man just looking for an opportunity to excel at an FBS program.

I don't think that he will have to look too far.

Tamir Turpin is deceptively quick. He ran a 4.51 at the Blue and Gray Classic and was one of the most athletic performers at the Big Time Showcase. He went on to mention, "Coach Hewitt from Rutgers came down to my school the other day. He got to see me run on the track and in 7-on-7's. He told me I run really well to be such a big guy and he was really surprised. They (Rutgers) want me to camp with them this summer and I intend to. Coach Hewitt was real cool."

In 2008, Turpin compiled 561 yards on only 874 carries for an average of 6.68 yards per carry. He accomplished these numbers in only 5 games worth of action on the offensive side of the ball. Turpin played defensive linebacker primarily, early on. "One of our backs went down to injury and my coach asked me to move to offense. I found that I liked the positon and began to excel", said Tamir.

In regards to his ability, he stated, "I like to make sure I get positive yards every time I touch the ball. I run strait at and over people unless there is enough daylight for me to cut and get to the outside. I have been working out a lot lately to get ready for the hard hitting next season. I work out everyday with my teammate Chris Woods. He is as strong as an ox. He does reps with 315. I got up 1one rep of 315 the other day. I figured if Chris can do it 10 times, I should be able to get it a t least once."

Rutgers, Boston College, Maryland and Penn St. have been showing Turpin a lot of attention. I like all four of those schools. Akron and Penn St. have visited me lately. Out of all of those schools, Rutgers is my favorite though. I just like that school. Everything about going there makes sense. I speak to Al-Majid all the time and he is always telling me about how great of a program it is up there. I can't wait to go to the Cincinnati game. I'm sure it will be a great experience."

Turpin continued, "I can't wait for next season. I hope to become a captain and take on a positive leadership role. I also want to win another championship. Being that we were able to get one a couple years ago, I think we have the talent to do it again. I'm training harder than I ever have in my whole life. I'm running a lot, doing all kinds of running back drills and have been catching a lot of balls from Quadir. I feel like this is my time to break out."

Stay tuned as SOR keeps an eye on the situation.

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