Recruiting Analysis: So. Cameron Dickerson

Cameron Dickerson is a 6'3 200lb, multi- talented WR/ S who has been documented by SOR in the past. Today, we are going to take the opportunity to break down his film and see what he does best on the football field. His film exhibits a very talented athlete with the versatility to possibly play a multitude of positions on the next level.

Being that he is currently only a sophomore, the sky is the limit for this young man. He along with his teammate Tanner McEvoy whom is also a sophomore combine to form a dynamic duo for the BC conglomerate.

The first thing that stands out when watching the film is Cameron's range at the safety position. He is a long strider who closes in on the football quite well. He definitely has a nose for the football and isn't afraid to stick his head in there and deliver a good pop. He also shows the ability to effortlessly catch the football from the defensive postion. Cameron not only shows solid hitting ability but he also wraps up quite well and utilizes good tackling angles. Once he gets you in his grasp, you are going down.

Cameron Dickerson is also very affective at running wide receiver screens. His elongated frame also entails the ability to take these screens to the house due to his terrific field vision. His determination to not be taken down after the catch is unmatched. He usually finds a way to fall forward. His team obviously recognizes his athletic ability and finds multiple ways to get the ball into his hands.

Cameron catches the football with his hands as opposed to his body. He also has the coordination to catch the football and keep his feet in bounds as well. One of the most surprising things about the film is that it showcases the ability for him to take proper blocking angles which turn big plays into even bigger plays for his teammates.

The way he effortlessly runs routes and catches the football at its highest point reminds me of Randy Moss's skillset. This young man plays the game with confidence and tenacity not often found in sophomores. He has potential super-star written all over him.

Obviously, he can add a bit of strength to his frame. Cameron holds 200 pounds quite well. He could easily carry around an additional 15 pounds on his frame and still be able to move affectively. I would like to see him break down a bit more when he tackles. Also he seems to lumber a bit. A little bit of track and field would correct that issue quickly. This is nit-picking though. Most of the small things that will make him better will surely be figured out before he leaves Bergen Catholic being that he has 2 additional seasons to mature. He is only a sophomore and has put together one of the more impressive and versatile films I have seen this year.

Overall, Cameron Dickerson is a combination of size, speed and athleticism not often found on the high school level. Take a look at the videos below and formulate your own opinions:

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