So. Royster Receives Rutgers Offer

Sheldon Royster is one of the many young talented athletes at St. Peters Prep (NJ). He is also a player who has been documented as having Rutgers interest. He has been quoted in the past as saying that he grew up a Rutgers fan. Apparently, the interest is mutual.

SOR has learned from St. Peters Prep Head Coach that the Scarlet Knights will offer the 6'0" 180lb hard-hitting safety on September 1st the opportunity for a permanent stay on the banks via a full athletic scholarship.

Our own Donald Forbes took a trip down to Jersey City to check out the conglomerate squad during their conditioning session. Fortunately, he was in the right place at the right time and picked up this very interesting piece of information from well respected Coach Hansen.

Although Sheldon Royster is only a sophomore, he is already very well put together and looks FBS ready. He has supreme quickness and the ability to close on the football from the safety position. Sheldon is also known as a big-time hitter.

He has been mentored by Will Hill, the St. Peters Prep legend who roamed around the field from the safety position as well. Royster has a terrific back peddle and serious range at either safety position. Being that he is so young, he could possibly fill out enough to be a devastating LB on the next level although he has been quoted as saying he would like to remain at safety. SOR will keep you posted as to the progression of the situation.

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