2009 Rutgers Signee: Jamil Merrell

Jamil Merrell is one of the more explosive incoming defensive players for the 2009 Scarlet Knights football class. At 6'5 215lbs, his 4.6 speed makes him quick off the edge from the DE position and he has the mindset to maintain very acute pursuit angles towards the quarterback.

Jamil along with his twin brother Jamal Merrell as well as Mike Larrow and Andre Civil have the opportunity to form one of the deepest defensive end rotations in the Big East. SOR caught up with Jamil the other day and discussed his plans for his Scarlet Knight arrival.

When asked why he selected Rutgers, Jamil Merrell mentioned, "Rutgers is just an all-around great school. It is very similar to my high school and that is why I am comfortable there. People seem to be real nice and show a high amount of respect. Being that Coach Susan who recruited me is an outstanding person and Coach Schiano is such a caring and yet great coach made me commit to the Scarlet Knights."

As far as his qualities on the field, he confessed, "I think I bring a lot of leadership and intensity. I also have a terrific work ethic. I won't stop until I make a play. As far as my moves, I like to set them up. Whether it be swim, bull rush or rip etc., I like to play with em' a little bit".

Jamil as well as his twin brother Jamal will be participating in Delaware's biggest All-Star game; The Blue and Gold Classic. "Me and my brother had opportunities to play in other All- Star games, but we wanted to stay home and represent for the state of Delaware." he said.

In response to a question about the competition at the defensive end position, he stated, "you will have to face competition wherever you go. There is always going to be someone as good if not better than you. You can't try to be better, you have to be better. .. meaning you have to do whatever it takes earn the spot. If you work hard, it will all work itself out."

The Merrells seem to have formed a bond with recruit Duron Harmon who is also a member of the 2009 Rutgers Singee class. "Duron is my boy. We have gotten to know him well being from the same state and all. We haven't gotten a chance to meet all of the guys, but the few whom I have met seem real cool. Being that we are not the most local, we still have to get to know a lot of the guys, but I'm sure that it will be fun.

It appears that eligibility shouldn't be an issue. Jamil said, "We are reporting on June 23rd. I can't wait to get up there. We'll probably take a couple summer courses and stuff like that and also have the opportunity to get in the weight room and learn the system."

As for expectations for playing time this season, he mentioned, "I'm not gonna set my mind on red-shirting… I'll tell you that. I'm just gonna do what I have to do and if the coaches need me, ill be ready to go."

Finally, Jamil had a message for Rutgers fans, "I know you haven't heard much from us because we have been concentrating on our school work, but we just wanna thank you for the opportunity to attend such a great school and promise you won't be disappointed. You will be hearing a lot from the Merrells in the future… God-willing".

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