Recruiting Analysis: DE Jackson Jeffcoat

Jackson Jeffcoat is one of the top players in the country. In fact, has him ranked the 6th prospect in the entire nation, Jeffcoat recorded over 100 tackles, 15 for loss in his Jr. campaign. The unbelievable part about it is that he was still able to dominate although toughening through the season with a herniated disk in his back.

There is no surprise that Jackson Jeffcoat has a ton of offers, nor is there any surprise that one of them is from the Scarlet Knights. The surprising thing is that Jeffcoat is said to have Rutgers interest. Therefore, SOR intends to break down his film to see how he can help out on the banks.

Jackson Jeffcoat is a throwback defensive end. I would say he will play either strong side defensve end or even a 3-technique for a team that runs a 4-3 on the next level.Actually, he could possibly grow into a two-gap type 3-4 defensive end as well. He definitely has the skill set to do it all. At, 6'5 235lbs, he plays with a low enough pad level to not be blown off the ball. He powerfully fires out of his low athletic stance and can hold his ground against the run coming strait at him and affectively rush the passer with a plethora of moves. In fact, he understands leverage to the point where he can stand up biggger offensive lineman and bust things up at the point of attack.

He obviously has played against some pretty stiff competition. Look at the offensive linemen that he is facing in his film. They look like collegiate level guys. Therefore, I believe Jeffcoat would be able to make a smooth transition over to the FBS level and contribute immediately.

Another impressive thing about Jackson is his bend down the line. He truly understands how to play the position. A lot of defensive ends are hit or miss. Either they will make a huge play behind the line of scrimmage or they will get caught too far up-filed and offenses will just run inside of them. Jackson penetrates and bends making it almost impossible to get run inside of or trapped.

His hand placement and change of direction are flawless. You can tell he has been incredibly coached up by his father, former Dallas Cowboys great Jim Jeffcoat. The name of the game is engage-disengage, and he has mastered the technique. Jeffcoat gets into his opposing offensive lineman with a good pop, then disengages with a tight swim or rip with no wasted movement. An offensive lineman will use any bit of wasted movement against you but Jeffcoat does not allow the OL the opportunity.

Jeffcoat also has great footwork and anticipation. He is a powerful player who also understands how to ride out the block of an offensive lineman to eventually get to the running lanes which were meant to be the point of attack. The bottom line is this guy is a difference maker and would provide a world of benefit to the Scarlet Knights.

Based on the available film, there is very little for Jeffcoat to work on. Obviously, he will naturally gain good weight through a collegiate work out program. I would like to see slightly better pursuit angles on the QB once he penetrates and a bit more "get-off" in pass rush situations.

Overall, Jeffcoat is definitely worthy of his top 10 ranking. He would be a true asset to the Rutgers employed 4-3 defense although his skills, quite frankly, would fit into pretty much any defense ever invented. SOR will attempt to contact Jackson and get back to you with an update of when he plans to visit the Scarlet Knights. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, take a look at his Jr. film and formulate your own opinions:

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