Recruiting Analysis: Eduardo Clements

Jr. RB Eduardo Clements of Booker T. Washington HS (Fl.) is a spectacularly explosive athlete. Clements picked up an early offer from the Scarlet Knights along with many other of the most prestigious programs in the country. What makes his story so interesting is the fact that he has been quoted as saying Rutgers is in his top 5.

Since that is the case, SOR wanted to take a look at his film and see what the Scarlet Knights could possibly be gaining in the young speedster.

The first thing that I noticed is his immense body control. Although Eduardo Clements has the ability to run like he has been shot out of a cannon, he still maintains the control needed to not run into walls but instead remain elusive and keep a fast pace even while cutting. It is a difficult task to cut at full speed but Clements has mastered that feat. At times, He has absolutely blazing game speed. It almost looks like he is running on a faster surface than everybody else. He is also extremely quick and shifty. Clements locates cut-back lanes and decisively takes advantage of them.

At 5'11 185lbs, he is built low to the ground and can really plant and go. Not only does he maintain good speed, but he also exzhibits power being that he plays so explosively. Speed generates power. This combination makes him extremely difficult to tackle. Arm tacklers routinely fall off of him. Clements is know juke his way out of and spin off of numerous tackles on his way to huge gains.

Eduardo also has the distinct ability to catch the football. I would even go as far as to say he is quite polished even as a route runner. This ability allows for him to be utilized in numerous ways offensively.

He appears to stretch a few plays laterally that probably should have been run downhill and he can work on his lower body strength a bit. Clements also demonstrates a bit of wasted movement at times but it is used primarily to fake out defenders and take off in the opposite direction. When it works, it is a work of art. Other than that, as he improves his consistency, I believe he can compete to become one of the top 2 or 3 backs in the nation.

Overall, I feel his unique skill set makes him an excellent pick-up as a change of-pace back who can be utilized situationally to exploit defensive matchups from either the backfield or slot positions. I can foresee the devastation now with him running reverses, catching screens as well as dump-offs and taking direct handoffs to the house. He would also be a terror in the return game with his field vision, explosion and creativity. Take a look at his clips below and share your views on the message board.

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