Isaac Holmes (Part 2): Great Expectations

Yesterday, we ran part 1 of the Ike Holmes interview, covering - in depth - his recruitment and gave you some insight into who he is as a person. Today, we cover what he brings to RU, expects for his future, and his confidence and determination to make people understand Rutgers is on the map to stay.

What target weight would the coaching staff like you to be?

Actually…they want me to be 285 solid so I'm in that area now and I'm just building muscle. I still have to be quick and being that weight the coaching staff feels they can get me playing quicker so now it's time to learn the system.

What do you bring to the table at Rutgers?

They are gonna get a HARD working player and they are getting a solid player that does exactly what he has to do each play. We are going to win games with me there and they got a player with a big engine that will never quit on a play and that gets to the quarterback.

What physical gains have you made as of late?

I've cut from 310 to 285 which is good for me because I got rid of a lot of excess weight. Rutgers' strength and conditioning program is more about building muscle than carrying excess weight and it really shows.

Right now, what do you feel is the college position you are best suited for?

I'd have to say the 3 technique DL. That is the position Coach Schiano has told me he feels I'm best suited for and with my explosiveness it'll be a fun position to play.

What do you like best about your position?

You aren't far out and are closer to the ball so you get to make plays. It gives you the focus on getting to the quarterback to make that sack and change the game. It also gives me a shot to make a lot of plays in the run game.

What are your expectations for playing early?

[I have] High expectations but it all comes down to me. If I work hard I feel I can play with the best right now. I've never felt more in shape and I really can't wait to get down there and start this up.

Have you gotten a chance to talk to Antwan a lot and are you looking forward to playing next to each other to provide a big 1-2 punch at DT?

I didn't speak to him yet. I'm looking for his phone number because I wanna build a good relationship. I've talked to a lot of the other players in my class like Mike Larrow and more, but I haven't gotten to talk to Lowery.

In talking to Tom Savage, he said he really likes the family atmosphere at Rutgers. What does that feel like and talk a little bit about the camaraderie of the players within your incoming class and on the team.

It really does feel like a family there. Everyone cares about one another and all the players are friends. It's great and we're building our (recruiting class) relationships early so when we get there we aren't strangers to each other. Everyone is close and we feel like we are playing with friends and when you play next to your friend you never want to let them down.

Have you become close to anyone on the current team as you've visited the school?

I have…two guys that were my hosts were Eric LeGrand and Brandon Jones. They are cool dudes and gave me all the ups and downs about the program. They showed me around and were very honest with me. Eric gave me a lot of insight on the DL because he was there last season so it was good.

Do you know who you are rooming with yet for training camp and the season?

I'm not sure yet…I've been talking to Larrow about that because we may try and pair up.

What do you plan to get accomplished at Rutgers?

I plan on working hard and having a great career in general. My major will be criminology so I definitely want to get my degree in that and football will be my main focus outside of class. I want to just keep winning.

What college would you like to beat in Rutgers' first BCS game?

Unfortunately, we play both of them this year…Maryland and Pitt. Both of those schools recruited me really hard and their coaching staffs are nice so I'd like to win those games. I have a cousin who plays for Maryland and I'd really like to beat them so I have bragging rights there. I also had a player from my high school (Nunez) go to Pitt so I have to beat them or I'll never hear the end of it. I like our chances at winning both those games.

Do you have a message for Rutgers fans?

Big Ike is on his way, I'm hoping #72 is available, and I'm coming to make some noise. I expect to hear a lot of oohhhs and aaahhhhs coming out of those stands when I'm on the field.

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