Naeem Walton: A Name you will Come to Know

Naeem Walton of Winslow Township (NJ) is an athletic yet bruising 5'10 225lb running back with a lot of power. In only 8 games he produced 832 yards and 7 TDs on the ground to go along with 2 kick return touchdowns. His great presence on the field earned him 1st Team All- Group 3 honors and a segway into a highly- anticipated senior season.

"I describe myself as a downhill, aggressive runner who will work for each given yard but also has the ability to pull away from defenders. I'm a pretty gritty runner. I run with the attitude that nobody can stop me. Not only am I a presence on the field but off the field as well." said Naeem Walton.

In regards to the game of football, he stated, "I just love the atmosphere especially when you walk out to the field for the first time in the summer and smell the grass. It does something to you. I love the way teammates actually become your family".

Walton attended the BigTime Showcase where he stood out as one of the top players at the event. "I actually showed up out of shape due to nursing an injury, but I still wanted to compete and did quite well. I ran a 4.7 forty with a hamstring injury at the showcase but have been clocked as fast as 4.56." he said. After seeing Walton in person, I can attest to him being a highly-developed physical specimen. He had the most mature frame at he event.

Walton is the former teammate and co- team leader along with Rutgers' own Ka'Lial Glaud. In reference to their relationship, he mentioned, "he (Ka'Lial) is a great player. It was an honor to play with him. He was a great leader and we did a lot of good things on the field together because I played some linebacker too. I knew him since midget league and we have always had a competitive friendship."

Naeem continued, "I transferred into Winslow Township as a sophomore from Timber Creek (NJ). I had to switch schools because I came to live with my father. Nahjee Gibson is a good friend of mine and is like a brother to me." Walton currently has no offers but is receiving attention from Purdue, UCONN and Iowa. He would like to hear more from Syracuse and Rutgers as well. "In a college, I'm looking for a good business marketing program, a stable football team and somewhere who will offer me the opportunity to compete. I'll never let any other man out- work me. As far as surroundings, you are only as good as your surroundings so that important too."

Although Rutgers has so far shown little interest, he stated, "I know they are an up-and–coming team with a good campus and they have a bright future. I would definitely like to be a part of what they got goin' on."

Walton claims a 405lb bench press, a 525lb squat and he reps hang cleans of 225lbs. "I'm currently the strongest kid on the team" he mentioned. Naeem also plays first base on the diamond and runs track to stay in shape for the gridiron. SOR will keep you posted.

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