Recruiting Analysis: ATH Jordan Thomas

Jordan Thomas was offered a scholarship to play in the secondary for the Scarlet Knights. Although Jordan claims that Rutgers will give him the opportunity to play offense first, being that WR is the position that he would like to play, Thomas will likely, eventually end up on the defensive side of the ball at either corner or safety.

Today, we are going to take a look at his film and see how his game translates to the defensive side of the ball.

Jordan Thomas claims a 4.45 forty and appears to have a good amount of lower-body strength, speed and quickness as a boundary corner or strong safety. He obviously shows a good amount of versatility which leads to him being recruited as more of an athlete. Jordan would also be able to play WR for certain institutions looking for an athlete with his particular skillset, likely for the slot position. He would also be a solid candidate for tailback and return duties based on a particular team's needs.

The 6'1 200lb Union Endicott (NY) product plays with a lot of power and is athletic. He also has good agility. He is an active player in the open-field who takes proper pursuit and support angles. Jordan also demonstrates an aggressive defensive attitude and has good timing.

Thomas displays a good amount of toughness which is essential for an FBS defensive candidate. His closing speed as well as speed off the edge will be beneficial in blitz situations.

He is a sure-tackler and brings his legs with him to tackle through the ball carrier. Jordan also displays the ability to lock on and run with a receiver man to man. He definitely has the size to press as well as adequate ball skills.

Offensively, although he has some wiggle, vision, and the ability to stand out offensively on the high school level, he does not seem to consistently display that second gear that turns big plays into huge plays. He also does not yet seem to catch the football at its highest point although his hands seem quite soft and route running quite fluid.

Obviously, he has no problem putting a shoulder down and running over a defender. He plays offense like he's on defense which is bad news for the opposition. Due to the tenacity that he plays the game with, I believe he would help a team more on the defensive side of the ball but would be able to also produce at receiver for a team with a need there.

I wouldn't be surprised if Jordan ends up a 20+ offer kid because of his defensive skillset. Although his film didnt show him in coverage as much as I would have liked and I didnt really get to examine his back-pedal, based on his athletic traits, I belive he has the ability to be a big, lock-down-type corner with the ability to muscle and jam receivers as well as bring the pain if they dare to catch anything in his vicinity.

Take a look at the film below and come up with your own assessment:

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