Recruiting Analysis: QB Aaron Aiken

Jr. Aaron Aiken of Lawrenceville Prep (NJ) is a talented individual at the quarterback position. His 6'5 210lb frame makes him a prototypical FBS prospect right out the gate. I was gonna start off by saying how raw he is due to transferring in the middle of his high school athletic career as well as his lack of experience, but honestly, after watching his film, I realize he is quite the contrary.

Aaron actually, often-times, appears quite polished and looks like a top-tier 2010 recruit.

Rutgers has yet to offer this young athlete but is currently in conversations with and actively recruiting him. He definitely has Rutgers ties being that his parents graduated from the prestigious university. Let's examine his skill-set and see what he can possibly offer the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

Aiken is the type of signal caller who when hot, can pick a defense apart. When he is decisive and his feet are set, he looks the part of a 5 star quarterback. A slight improvement in his consistency and mechanics during his senior year and Aaron could go from a kid with no offers to a kid with 12-15 in an instant. It's rare to make such a big jump as a QB recruit in your senior year, but Aiken has the tools to do it.

Along with Rutgers, he is already in conversations with Boston College, Maryland, Villanova as well as Virginia and I believe that some if not all of them will eventually bite. The first to take a leap would likely position themselves affectively in the Aaron Aiken sweepstakes.

Aaron Aiken is a big pocket passer who happens to be a much underrated athlete and runner with 4.6 speed. He has terrific height and an extremely strong arm, can make almost any throw and place the ball into tight spots as well as stretch the field.

Aiken has a decent play-action fake and is able to throw the ball on the run, although he could improve in his consistency to put the ball "on the money" in those situations.

Aaron shows the ability to deliver a good deep ball and throws the deep out -route with very good zip. He also can fit the ball into tight spots down-field that many quarterbacks aren't able to. On top of that, his touch and timing are better than adequate for a guy his size and who hasn't played much.

Although Aaron is definitely a pocket passer first and therefore he normally stands tall in the pocket and delivers a good ball, there are rare occurrences where he leaves the pocket before the play develops... probably due to the fact that he is fast enough to consistently and easily gain first downs with his feet on the high school level.

Also, he feels the rush so well that he sometimes gets ahead of himself. He could slightly improve going through his progressions. I have no problems with his throwing motion. He doesn't often seem to throw across his body which is a good thing although I would like to see him square his shoulders a bit more consistently.

Overall, Aiken is a terrific prospect who I think we will be hearing a lot more of in the coming future. If he comes out and accomplishes what I expect him to in 2009, I believe he will blossom into a late top regional recruit at his position.

Take a look at the film below:

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