Ryan showing he's ready for next level

Incoming freshman linebacker Logan Ryan has already shown a combination size, speed and skills throughout his career at Eastern High School, but what he did against his fellow all stars at Rutgers Stadium Sunday was still nothing short of impressive.

When Ryan matched up on the island against the best rising freshman wide receivers in the northeast, not one could even get enough separation to warrant a throw from the quarterback in the first half.

That's right, Ryan's assignment didn't see so much as a ball coming his way until midway through the third quarter.

And when they finally started to throw towards Ryan, he answered the call, deflecting and defending pass after pass indented for future Penn State wideout Justin Brown. "I'm not used to [getting the ball thrown at me so many times], but I guess they saw something that they liked and they tested me and I proved myself," Ryan said. "In the third quarter they tried to attack me, but I stayed alert."

Brown had seven catches for a game high 71 receiving yards, but only one of those catches came with Ryan covering him.

"We knew in the fourth quarter that it was going to come down to me and [Justin Brown] and we just had a blast out there," Ryan said. "He's a great player and Penn State is lucky to have him." Ryan was also involved in both of the game's interceptions, making contact with the ball before both picks. Ryan also tied for the team lead with six tackles.

"It was my first time playing on that field and it felt great," Ryan said after making six tackles in the game. "I felt at home here, wearing my Rutgers socks, and I loved it out here. I can't wait to get here and play next season.

Ryan was joined in the defensive starting lineup with a pair of future Rutgers linebackers in Ka'lial Glaud and Mike Larrow, an experience that Ryan said was the best part of the all star game.

"None of the Rutgers players here are busts. We all performed well in practice and played well on the field," he said. "They're great players. We're so close and they all deserve a Rutgers scholarship"

Ryan also left a lasting impression on his fellow Scarlet Knights.

"I've known Logan for a long time from playing against him in high school," Glaud said. "Seeing him play like that is no surprise. That's just the kind of player that he is."

Ryan can be expected to be thrown directly into the fire when he arrives at Rutgers for training camp as a current void at No. 2 cornerback could have his name on it if he continues to perform. "I've been working my butt off, working every day and I had a good week of practice so I knew I was going to come out here and play well, so if I keep this up then hopefully, if things fall in place, then I'll get on the field next year," Ryan said. "I might appear calm, but on the inside I was nervous. I get nervous for every game. I just try to do my best and I'm confident in what I do so that's why I appear so calm. They're going to see a lot of hard work, dedication and a smart football player."

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