Foose Enjoying the Recruiting Process

Dan Foose is up to approximately 13 offers and is exploding as a recruit. Although he still claims that Rutgers is his favorite, he is definitely enjoying the recruiting process. Foose plans to commit before his senior high school football season. Will he be making his way to the banks? SOR caught up with Dan to discuss his future.

"I went down to Florida last weekend. I had a lot of fun down there and got to work on a lot of things like staying low. They were showing me around on the golf cart and I was getting a lot of attention. It was fun. Rutgers is still my favorite, but I still want to see what else is out there. I hope to commit before the season. Miami, Pitt and North Carolina have been recruiting me pretty hard. They all want me to go to their camps. I don't know though. I do wanna get a feel for all the coaching staffs and stuff though" said Danny Foose. Boston College and Stanford are 2 of his other favorites.

On Dan's way back home he stopped at UCF and picked up an additional offer. Apparently, the Florida trip was worthwhile for the young athlete.

When asked about his plans for the near- future Dan stated, "I'm gonna be up at Rutgers camp in a couple weeks. That's about it. I haven't really done any combines and probably won't because I'm Gonne start concentrating on the season. I have been working out with Kamal Hogan and Doug Rigg. It's good because we push each other. After school, we do running and speed stuff. It works out because their speed helps me get better and my power helps them. It's cool that even though we are rivals during the season, we can still be cool during the off-season."

"I also talk to Jake Kaufman sometimes. Me and Jake talk about playing together at the next level on the same side of the line… 2 big, strong Jersey lineman… that would be awesome."

When asked where he and Jake talk about potentially playing together at, he mentioned "probably Rutgers or maybe Florida. I think those are the 2 places that we have in common." Foose doesn't currently hold a Florida offer, but might just get one. SOR will keep you posted.

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