Recruiting Analysis: Jarrett Darmstatter

Jarrett Darmstatter of Barnegat (NJ) has quickly exploded to become one of the top high school football players in the state of New Jersey. After watching his film, I can see why. He does a lot of terrific things on the offensive side of the ball. Apparently, Jarrett, recently took a trip to visit the Scarlet Knights who have offered him, and are giving them some consideration for his services.

Let's take a look at how his offensive skill set would be able to help the Rutgers offensive repertoire.

The first thing that jumps out at you is his physical toughness. Jarrett Darmstatter obviously isn't afraid of contact and would provide Rutgers with the physicality they need at the position. Jarrett is not afraid to catch the football over the middle of the field nor stretch out to make a grab in a situation where he will most certainly take a good pop. This toughness has earned Jarrett 12 early offers with many more likely to come.

The 6'4 240lb tight end is a dangerous receiving threat for two reasons. One is his height which is adequate for the position and second is his ability to consistently catch the football with his hands over his head. He looks the ball into his hand and concentrates on making the grab before worrying about what he will do once he gets the ball. I can see why the staff said they love the way he plays the game.

He also has the ability to always fall forward. The reason why is simple; his feet are always moving forward and they bring his body with them. He is always digging in and plowing. Jarrett maintains positive momentum at all times, always gaining the extra yard or 2 which will truly be affective on any down.

Darmstatter also has solid strait line speed. He doesn't display the ability to blow past defenders, but he has a good enough stride and if allowed to get moving he can surely cover a good amount of ground. He doesn't too often attempt to make defenders miss once he makes a reception but he is an exceptionally tough kid who will keep fighting to move the ball down the field as much as possible.

Jarrett is definitely a good in- line blocker who has the courage to mix it up. He displays the ability to knee- bend, stay pretty low and bring his feet with him on blocks although hand placement could be a bit better. Jarrett at times tends to bend at his waste and overextend but that can certainly, easily be addressed on the next level. His technique creates a fair amount of push off the ball which is a great thing off the edge.

Overall, I think Darmstatter is a terrific prospect who when officially coached up and after gaining 10-15lbs will be a terrific two-phase tight end. He is a bit raw but has the tools to become a complete tight end who gives you everything you want at the position. His potential to be used as a 3rd down threat is limitless. I believe he is the best tight end in the state and a top 5 player in the state overall. Take a look at his offensive film and make your own assessment:

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