Recruiting Analysis: LB Doug Rigg

Jr.Doug Rigg out of Bergen Catholic (NJ) is a multi-purpose threat on the football field. His vast amount of versatility has Doug being recruited everywhere from FB to LB/DE. It has previously been reported that Rutgers has offered him a scholarship to sign on as a LB for the 2010 Scarlet Knight class. Out of his six current offers, apparently Rutgers is receiving a good amount of consideration.

RU had previously sought after him to play fullback, but due to the lack of highly touted linebackers in consideration for this class as well as our foreseen depth at the FB position, Doug is being called upon as a tackler as opposed to a tackle-ee. SOR will break down his film and see what value his addition would add to the Rutgers football program.

Although RU has expressed interest in Doug playing defense, I believe that is due more to a need within the class rather than the absolute greatest value that he brings to the football field. On offense, he is a determined back who glides through holes, selects a pathway and just goes. Doug Rigg is a talented, long-strider with good explosion through the hole whose fluid movements seem closer to the abilities of a feature-back rather than a fullback. Although he runs a bit high, he has proven to be a pretty substantial running back, at least on the high school level where he totaled 500yds and 9TDs in limited action in 2008.

In the Rutgers offense, his skill set could transition over to the FB position as long as he is utilized in the same fashion that we used Brian Leonard a few years ago. Doug is way too multi- talented to be utilized solely as a blocking back.

Defensively, Rigg is a rangy, tough, linebacker prospect who plays physical and fast on every snap. Although he played mostly DE as a JR., his skill set should easily transition over to the weakside linebacker position he will play as a HS Sr. I see a lot of upside in this young man. At 6'1 215, he has a deceptively tall, lean-type frame and although he lacks bulk at this point, I believe he will be able to maintain his explosiveness in space with the addition of the 20-25lbs he will indefinitely gain on a collegiate meal plan and workout regimen.

Doug takes good pursuit angles, gets a great jump on the ball, is highly reactive and changes direction with speed. He takes on offensive linemen as opposed to catching blocks and getting swallowed up by the big uglies. He could use a little work on disengaging the blocks of offensive linemen a bit more affectively though.

Rigg also excels when pursuing laterally and sifting through the wash. His ability to make plays in space is highly coveted at the outside linebacker position on the FBS level. I would like to see him be a bit more affective at stacking the run and making more plays head on. In his senior year, he will have to show the ability to fill from the linebacker position which I'm sure he will adjust to.

Overall, I would say that Doug is a slightly underrated prospect. He demonstrates good instincts and a nose for the football. I think he will be more affective coming off the edge, although collegiate tutelage could also turn him into a milti-faceted middle linebacker.

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