Catching up with Antonio Sibilia

Antonio Sibilia has been a mainstay in coverage for since the new recruiting class became a focal point in NJ. He's versatile, fast, athletic, and is also quite the baseball player, which is why we haven't heard much from him recently. caught up with Antonio to see where his recruitment and interests stand after baseball season.

As of now, Antonio Sibilia informed us that he's being recruited heavily on the defensive side of the ball. He said his main positions he's being recruited for are middle linebacker, outside linebacker, and safety. He hasn't gotten many looks on the offensive side and foresees that his main positions of focus will be on defense. His recruitment hasn't been his main focal point recently as baseball took precedence for the high school baseball season, in which his team did very well in getting to the state tournament. When asked if baseball may be in the future of the right fielder, Antonio said he enjoys football much more than baseball so baseball is sort of a fall back for him.

As of now, the Nutley High School player has been in consistent contact with Pittsburgh and Rutgers. He says they are coming at him the most and the hardest with Rutgers being the school most in the mix. Coach Susan has been very involved in his recruitment and he's also spoken with Coach Hewitt and Coach Fraser, who could potentially be his position coaches. Pitt Coach Hafley has been his most constant contact with the Pitt program and has been recruiting him well also.

While no one has had a visit to him recently due to baseball, he has been looking forward to meeting with recruiters once again now that the season is over. The main three have been Rutgers, Pitt, and Maryland, which also make up his top 3 in that order. In addition to those three universities, he's also been hearing from Syracuse, West Virginia, Kentucky, Duke, Cincinnati, and his only main FCS player in Princeton.

As far as how he's hitting the camp circuit, he hasn't been focused on it just yet with baseball season ending. He's now making up his schedule for the summer and will start off camping at Rutgers within the next week or so. After that, he's looking to camp up at Boston College and then take a trip down to Maryland for another camp. Figuring that will give enough universities in the area time to give him a look, he says he may be looking to make a decision before the start of his senior football season.

For now, he's really focused on getting back into football shape so he can compete at a high level at all the camps he plans on attending. Since his schedule freed up, he's been hitting the weights and the training room, at Sports University in Fairfield, to become bigger and faster. He's really focused on increasing his strength, agility, and speed this summer so he can be ready for football. Overall, at 6'1" and 205 lbs., his focus is on building good muscle and getting himself to a position where he can make a positive impact, literally, on the field.

When asked how the in state universities play into his game plan, he said he absolutely loves Rutgers. He loves the fact that the university is so close to home and his family and friends would get to see him play. He loves how clean and new the facilities are at the university and how the players have treated him on his visits to the school. He said he has spoken to Kevin Malast and Ryan D'Imperio the most and they are great leaders and great people that showed him a lot of respect. He loves the fact that the program is still on the rise and will be a player in the national scene for years to come. When asked about Princeton, he says it's a great institution and he'd love to go there, but Rutgers offers more of what he's looking for.

When asked to compare his top 3, he said that they all have different aspects that are positive to him and you can't really explain the comparison. He said "Maryland and Pitt are really nice. They are all different in their positive aspects and you can't explain the comparison and the vibe they give you while there. They are all special in their own way." He exclaimed that Rutgers has the advantage right now because of the fact that they are so close, have the academic credentials, have an intense defense, and have a program he's now grown to enjoy watching play the game.

After speaking with Antonio, you can easily tell why he is a leader on the field and a solid student off of it. He is confident in his abilities and humbled by the fact that there are so many colleges that want him to be a part of their team. Hopefully, after hitting the camp circuit, he'll be able to look at all the players and make a decision that is best for him and make a college very happy in the process.

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