Furman takes in Piscataway

Maryland prospect Josh Furman is one of the top physical specimens in the Northeast. He has a special combination of size and speed, which make him one of the most coveted players in the 2010 class. He has a great frame and posted a 4.3 in the 40-yard dash at the Scout combine. In addition, he is a character kid that will be a great representative for a major Division 1 program in the future.

SOR: Overall, how did your visit to Rutgers go?

Josh Furman: It went great. I went up with my coach and we were both impressed. We learned a lot of info about the school, especially the academic side.

SOR: When did RU get involved with your recruitment?

Josh Furman: About a month ago, Coach Emanuel came by the school. I passed the eye ball test. Soon after he called me and we had a short conversation and told me they were offering me a scholarship. Today was the day I finally made it up to the school.

SOR: What were your thoughts about Rutgers before the event?

Josh Furman: I am a big college football fan and have been watching games for some time. I follow the Big East. They have become a better team over the last 4 to 5 years. I remember watching them in the big game against Louisville a few years ago.

SOR: Talk to me about what stood out to you most about your trip?

Josh Furman: I did not understand the concept of the APR before the visit. But when they explained how well they do academically and that they finished in the Top 5 in the nation in that department, that really made an impression. I also thought it was special to get to meet the Dean of the school.

SOR: Who are some of the people you got to interact with on your trip and what was your comfort level?

Josh Furman: We spent some time with Joe Lefeged and Coach Hewitt. Both spent a good amount of time showing us around the place. Then we got to sit down with Coach Schiano for about an hour. I think he is a great person. I believed in everything he said. He has a plan and is going to continue to turn the program in the right direction.

SOR: What did you think of the weight room and facilities

Josh Furman: That was the best training facility we have seen thus far. It was incredible. We got to spend some time with Jay Butler. I liked everything he does, especially with the cameras in the workout area.

SOR: How do you think you would fit in at Rutgers as both a student and an athlete.

Josh Furman: I think I would fit in very well. I felt pretty comfortable with the visit

SOR: What is your size right now and where is Rutgers recruiting you to play?

Josh Furman: Coach Schiano told me he likes me at both the SAM linebacker and free safety position. I currently am at 6'3 194 pounds.

SOR: How would you rank the school after this trip

Josh Furman: They are pretty high in my eyes right now

SOR: What are some of the other schools that have made an impression on you thus far

Josh Furman: Besides Rutgers, Virginia Tech is a school I feel good about. Also Maryland. I have been to Maryland about 6 or 7 times. There are some others that I have made good relationships with.

SOR: Any camps in your future?

Josh Furman: I am attending only one camp this summer, and that will be at Penn State this weekend.

SOR: Where are you in the recruiting process. Do you anticipate an earlier decision, or do you think you will let it run its course

Josh Furman: I am just taking in all my information. I am no where near ready to make a decision. I want to take my five official visits and make the right choice for me when the time comes.

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