Omar Savage

Omar Savage

Omar Savage (DE, 6'4"-240lbs, 4.8 forty) from Piscataway H.S in Piscataway, New Jersey is one of the best defensive ends in New Jersey. He was named first-team All-State by the Associated Press and has scholarship offers from numerous schools.

His finalists are:

Maryland 12/13/2002
Duke 1/10/2003
Clemson 1/17/2003
Rutgers 1/19/2003

What did he think of his visit to Duke?

He really enjoyed his visit and admitted that that was not what he was expecting. Duke's reputation of having some extremely academically minded students had him thinking that he would find a lot of people that he could not relate to. He found that not to be the case and found the players well-rounded. He also likes the facilities (redone in the last year or two), the coaching staff, and the Durham area.

What does he like about each of his favorites?

- The fact that they are winning.
- The college atmosphere and the surrounding area.
- He has family in the area.
- Likes the coaching staff

- Good graduation rate
- It is located in a beautiful area - NC State and North Carolina are not far away.

- After signing, he can begin lifting in the weight room right away.
- Everyone will have the opportunity to see him play.

Who will he visit next?

As a result of finals on the week of January 27th, he will be visiting Clemson and Rutgers over the Martin Luther King holiday weekend.

Who is his leader?

Although he was impressed by Maryland, he stated that he has no leader.

When will he make a decision?

He stated that he will not make a decision until after his last visit, which is Rutgers on 1/19/2003.


As I was concluding my interview, Coach Schiano and Coach Susan were coming in for an in-house visit.

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