The Rutgers Big Man Academy

The Rutgers Big Man Academy took place today on an extremely wet day at Rutgers Stadium. The players were forced to head over to the bumble for the sake of shelter from the treacherous conditions. The talent level was high as well as the anticipation of seeing many of the best big men in the region compete against one another to see who is actually the best of the best.

SOR came away from the event with a pretty good idea.

Many of the big name recruits that you have heard of were in attendance and ready to prove their worth as top- tier prospects. We witnessed the likes of Betim Bujari and Dan Foose who both had solid days and displayed good footwork. Jake Kaufman, who I must say is a mountain of a man, showed up ready to compete as well. As for additional top Rutgers recruits at the event were Chris Fonti, Chris Woods, Brandon Sacco, Kevin Umejei, Robert Walsh, Chris Braithwaite, Michael Lisi and Anthony Wilkins. There were also a good amount of kids that we have yet to introduce to you who appear good enough to possibly earn a potential offer. Shane Johnson and Arie Kouandjio of Dematha (MD) took in the event from the sideline.

The first thing that I noticed was the size of these guys. Chris Fonti, Jake Kaufman, Dan Foose, and Adam Skidmore are absolutely huge. Of the 32 players at the event, 20 of them were over 6'3 and many weighed over 285lbs. The offensive line especially was filled with the caliber of guys that you can win national championships with. Obviously I'm not saying that they are polished enough at this point to do so, but they have the size, determination, willingness to be taught as well as good enough feet, in most cases, to bring it all together and be truly affective.

The Academy was run very efficiently with offensive as well as defensive linemen breaking off and doing their respective drills and then combining for o1-on-1's where all of the real action took place. There was a good amount of aggressive activity going on out there. I personally counted 2 bloody noses and a twisted ankle throughout the day. The level of competition from the offensive line was as high as I have seen at recent events showing that reactive players can still gain success by using proper technique and athleticism.

Coach Emanuel and Coach Flood were on-hand to provide leadership to their respective groups and enhance their abilities with the distinct tutelage that will make them better. If I had to choose the better group at this event, I would have to say that the offensive line, although having to deal with the strength and power of a player like Chris Woods and the speed and finesse of an Olsen Pierre, they fared well enough in 1-0n-1's to have probably had the better day. SOR got a good amount of content at the event including player photos, contacts, video interviews, as well as action videos. An examination of our tenacious top 12 players at the event as well as additional write-ups are also to follow. Stay tuned.

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