Tenacious 12 (Part II)

Yesterday, we critiqued players 7-12 on our Tenacious Top 12 list. Today we will look at the top handful of performers at the Rutgers Big Man Academy. These players had what it took on that day to standout amongst some of the best talent in the Metro as well as NY, NJ, PA and MD areas. Take a look inside.

6. OL Betim Bujari (6'3 ½ 297) of Secaucus HS (NJ) showed why he was an early offer candidate. He has a deceptively heavy, yet tight and compact frame. In fact, he is so compact that he could probably carry around 315lbs and look like he is somewhere in the 280lb area. Bujari is also a knee-bender and overall technician. At this stage, he still has the tendency to lunge occasionally but Schiano and company will certainly iron that out. His ideal weight distribution will also add to his ability to maintain good leverage once coached up. You can see that he was having fun out there, while other players looked hot, bothered and frustrated. Bujari loves to compete and responds well to tutelage.

5. OL Jorge Vicioso (6'5 ½ 309) of Passaic (NJ) was one of the biggest surprises in camp. For a player with suck a top- heavy frame, Jorge is an agile athlete at 309lbs. This allows for him to be one of the states top scholastic heavyweight wrestlers. Honestly, he probably moved as well as any lineman in camp other than Sacco and maybe Foose who do not have quite as much weight to move around as Mr. Vicioso does. Jorge has a couple bad habits with his hand placement, but it was easy to see that the staff was impressed by his footwork, foot-speed and overall athletic ability. Jorge has yet to receive a Rutgers offer but due to the fact that I believe they wind up taking as many as 5 O-lineman, he has a chance at being a late offer type candidate dependant upon an improvement in his grades and the possibility of bigger O-line targets defecting elsewhere.

4. OL Dan Foose (6'5 ½ 298) of Paramus Catholic (NJ) showed why he is a top target for the Scarlet Knights. He displayed a ton of raw ability that should translate over to success on an FBS offensive line. Although he predominately plays the OG position on the high school level, Foose utilized the skills to kick slide and ride the competition out of the frame of action on Saturday. His technique need be worked on a good deal but that is never a question on the FBS level. Things normally need being worked on when making the big transition, but what you look for are the tools. As long as a kid has the tools, which apparently Foose does have, they have the opportunity to be special.

3. DL Chris Braithwaite (6'0 ½ 253) of Holy Cross HS (NY) is the truth. I see why the kid reminds many of Mike Tyson. Honestly, they look a bit similar, but there are other similarities as well. Chris is extremely muscular yet smaller in diameter than many top recruits at his position. He is soft spoken as well and yet has the aggression and tenacity of a pit bull with rabies. This kid plays the game with an attitude and is willing to compete. He is a compact 253lbs of sculpted muscle mass, including an especially developed lower body. Chris gets off the ball low and powerfully disengages his opposition. He has a powerful first step that if you are not prepared for, will leave you with a turf burn. Although half the size of some of the linemen he faced at the event, he put many of those big guys on their behinds during the 1-on-1 sessions. The FBS school which overlooks his size and eventually offers him will be rewarded with a potentially 6'1 285lb fire plug with top-tier explosive ability.

2. DL Olsen Pierre (6'4 245) of Rahway HS (NJ) came out of nowhere to make a name for himself at the Big Man Academy. He has the terrifically athletic frame of a weak side FBS pass rusher and although he looked a little tight during drills, once 1-on-1's began, he was a man amongst boys. The way he dominated off the edge reminded me of TJ Clemmings at the BigTime Showcase. Although not quite as fast as Clemmings, he may be as game-quick. Olsen has perfected the engage-disengage technique. Pierre was able to get the hands of offensive linemen off of him before the offensive linemen even realized their hands were on him. He plays with the quiet confidence that you like to see from your edge rusher. Physically, he looks ready right now to be thrown into FBS action.

1. OL Brandon Sacco (6'2 ½ 250) of Don Bosco Prep (NJ) is a pure technician. Brandon grades out higher and maintains his leverage better than most anyone we have seen in person this recruiting season. He is the type of guy who you only have to show something once, and he automatically picks it up. On top of his physical ability, Brandon has the brains to be a leader on the offensive line which will probably be his roll from the Offensive Center position on the next level. Brandon had a nicely-proportioned frame as well as the intangibles to become a top flight FBS player although slightly undersized at this point. His ideal playing size will likely be about 6'3 280lbs. I believe that he gets there and has the ability to become an All-Conference caliber athletic Offensive Center. He is very deserving of the fact that he left the banks of the Old Raritan with an offer from the Scarlet Knights.

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