Big Men with Maximum Potential

Being that there were a handful of young men who just missed the cut for My Tenacious 12 Team, I thought it would be only right to highlight their abilities in a slightly different way. These 5 guys are all huge and have pretty decent feet for their size. Some would call them raw.

I, on the other hand would say that they are young and are currently just growing into these huge bodies and are on the verge of fulfilling their big time potential. The guys that I have selected for this list didn't necessarily have the best performances at the academy, yet their potential is as high if not higher than most other players who attended the event. In fact, All 4 of these prospects have serious FBS potential and 3 out of the 4 already hold written offers. Let‘s take a look and see how these gigantic big men fared at the Rutgers Big Man Academy.

1. OL Chris Fonti (6'7 321) of Wayne Hills HS (NJ) is a very large human being. Not only is he large, but his weight is distributed properly at a young age. There aren't too many individuals that I have to look up to, but Chris is definitely one of them. Fonti has a terrific attitude and does well at blocking against a pass rusher's first move. It's the second move and the outside speed-rush that give Fonti a bit more trouble. That is to be expected when analyzing the larger yet younger variety of offensive linemen. He will grow into his ability. To be such a big guy, Chris moves his feet quite well. Once he begins to better understand proper blocking techniques especially how to kick slide a bit more affectively, he could become dominant. Fonti's immense size and strength make him an ideal candidate for the RT position. As long as he can prove to be able to block the man removed, he should find a home there. Rutgers has already offered Chris and as of 2 days ago, landed a commitment from this intriguing young prospect. Just give him some time. He could become a good one.

2. OL Jake Kaufman (6'8 333) of St. Peters Prep (NJ) unbelievably is even bigger than Fonti. This mountain of a man has all the potential in the world. He did some impressive things foot speed-wise during drills to be a 6'8 330+ pounder. Again, he is another lineman with good foot-speed for his size yet he needs to work on his actual footwork. He is definitely a big, strong athlete with the upside to be something special, although he has to be able to put it all together in order to do so. I believe that once he delves deeper into his strength and conditioning program, and once he finally finishes growing which I don't believe has happened yet, Jake will become more in-tuned with his body increasing his coordination, conditioning and overall efficiency. He is a great candidate for any FBS program willing to give a kid time to get himself in shape, mature, learn the system and be ready to contribute by their red-shirt sophomore year leaving them 3 to play, and in his case... dominate.

3. OL Adam Skidmore (6'6 276) of Central Regional HS (NJ) had a day similar to that of Chris Fonti. Skidmore is a huge lineman with extremely long arms and big hands. Just one look at him and you will see that his frame screams FBS. He also has a pretty good talent level as well. Skidmore routinely displayed the ability to affectively compete, winning many of his 1-on-1's from the tackle positions. Once he gets coached up a bit more, I believe Adam is the type of lineman that you win championships with. His natural tools along with technique are a dangerous recipe for success. Adam has more than half of that equation down which has led to a few initial offers, but as his technique improves, he could become a big time regional recruit within the next couple months.

4. OL Anthony Wilkins (6'4 ½ 360) of St. Peters Prep has a thick, meaty frame and I am sure he would be a handful when run blocking. Wilkins was probably the thickest competitor in camp and definitely the heaviest. I know that 360lbs is a lot of weight but Anthony carries that much weight as well as one possibly could. Obviously, he will have to drop a ton to be affective on the FBS level though. He struggled a bit through drills early, but got better incrementally as the day went on. Wilkins displayed his strength while locking up the competition at times during 1-on-1's and rendering their efforts useless. He definitely has some tools. I can see an FBS school taking a shot at him for the guard position based upon if he can accomplish a few thinks this season. It doesn't hurt that he plays for a conglomerate of a high school team; one who may finally be poised to give Don Bosco a run for their money.

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