Olsen Pierre: The Next Big (Blindside) Hit!

Explosive, determined, fast, and versatile describe Olsen Pierre. The name is one that a lot of people are start going to get used to hearing called over a loudspeaker at a college in the near future. Scout.com got a chance to meet Olsen this weekend at the Rutgers Big Man's Camp and he didn't disappoint. Check out what he has to say in his first scout.com interview. SOR brings you the scoop.

Olsen Pierre already looks like a Football Bowl Subdivision defensive end and his play really shows how good he is against his fellow classmates. He's a tall 6'3.5" and weighs in at 245 lbs. on a frame that can hold more weigh and remain explosive. He's rangy and has a nose for playing the defensive tackle and defensive end positions. He also informed scout.com that he's being recruited for offensive tackle as well. His preference is defense because he enjoys being physical and getting to the quarterback.

As of now, the Eagles (and Terrell Owens…oddly enough) fan has no offers on his plate and has not developed a top 5 because he's still looking to see who is interested in him. Out of all the colleges that have spoken with him, his main amount of interest lies with 4 universities: Rutgers, Temple, Oregon, and NC State. He explained that he's being recruited for defensive end and defensive tackle by Rutgers, Temple, and NC State. Oregon has gone the other route to recruit him as an offensive tackle and a defensive tackle as well. The only other two FBS schools that have contacted him are Louisville and Duke and only one Football Championship Subdivision school is recruiting him, which is Hofstra.

When asked what he thought of the Rutgers Big Man's Camp, Olsen replied, "I like how the coaches ran everything and the techniques they taught us." He elaborated in saying the camp had a lot more energy compared to other camps he's attended. He said he really liked the fact that they were very up front with him and told him what he was doing wrong so he could improve on his weaknesses. Overall, he said it was a great experience and his interest level has increased with Rutgers.

Regarding camps that he's been to and plans on going to, Olsen informed us that he's already been to the Hofstra and the Temple camps. He said at both of those camps, he's taken away the defensive line MVP award for his performance. Camps that he plans on attending in the near future involve Boston College, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. The first camp he's planning on attending is Rhode Island on June 28th. When asked if he'd go back to Rutgers for another camp, he said he'd like to but he also wants to see the other schools as well.

As for his future goals, Olsen just wants to get better and get some offers. He's been transforming his body all year to be more toned as seen in his drop in weight from around 270 to a stronger and slimmer 250. He says he's seeing interest, but hasn't gotten to the point where he's garnered an offer. He thinks he's turning heads so it's just a matter of time. He's also hoping his play next year will help him get some more notoriety after being recognized as an All-Union first team performer by The Star Ledger for 2008.

As far as how Rutgers fares in the avid video gamer's opinion, he says he really enjoyed this weekend and really liked the school and facilities. He said the coaches were all good people and were very nice to him. He said he really liked their honesty and really liked the intensity that Coach Emanuel brought to the table. His thoughts on Rutgers are summed up by him stating, "It's an uprising among programs. You can tell they wanna be the best and they all wanna win a national championship really bad. I definitely buy in to that."

All that aside, you can tell Olsen is a leader by his play on the field. He is very approachable and has a lot of determination and drive to get better and be part of a team that is a great team. It's this drive, work ethic, and determination that will cause him to do great things in the future.

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