Mike Reilly: All Reil'd Up

Watching Mike Reilly play the game is like watching a hunter spot a deer and take it out in one shot. Only, sub the deer for a football or quarterback, and sub the hunter for a 6'3" and 221 lb. football player with hands like Velcro and a nose for the football. Scout.com caught up with Mike after his showing at the Rutgers Big Man's Camp in this exclusive interview.

Normally when you watch a bunch of 16/17 year olds play the game of football, you rarely see a person that has the size and quickness to get off the line and deliver a big hit, as well as snag the football out of the air. In watching Mike Reilly, red number 53 on the RU BM Camp videos, you can quickly see how gifted his eye-hand coordination is and how explosive he can be off of the line. He has the hands of a tight end and the brawn of a defensive end so it didn't surprise us to learn he's being recruited for both positions by a multitude of institutions.

To date, he's already achieved 2 offers, one from Bryant and one from Monmouth, where they are trying to decide whether offense or defense is best for him. He's also being recruited hard by Rutgers, Pittsburgh, and Connecticut, which are three places he's visited or is visiting soon, but has no offers to date. He's really interested in playing for a FBS team and has been hitting the camp circuit to up his chances.

As of now, Mike has just started the camp tour in June after finishing the track and field season for his high school. He's already made his way to the Pittsburgh camp last Friday and took in the Rutgers camp last Saturday. He hit the National Underclassman combine and put in a really solid performance. His upcoming plans are to attend the Connecticut camp this weekend and to schedule the Bryant camp for an upcoming week. Beyond that, he's unsure of what other camps he'd like to attend but he feels more camps may be in his future.

The FBS schools that Mike is most interested in are UConn, Rutgers, and Pittsburgh and he rounds out his current top 5 with FCS schools Bryant and Lehigh. Schools that have been in contact with him in the past include Boston College, Syracuse, Stony Brook, and Lehigh, but he hasn't heard from them as often as the others. He added in that the school he'd want to go to will have solid academics as well as a solid football program.

When asked what he thought of the RU Big Man's Camp, the Raiders (and Giants) fan replied, "I loved it. The facilities were the most impressive to date. The interaction with the coaching staff and Coach Schiano was very cool." He liked the fact that the camp felt like how the coaching staff runs their practices, which was nice to see what he would be a part of if RU offers and he commits. He also added that the stadium expansion has him excited and it's going to bring a lot more noise for home games and recognition to the program.

When asked to talk about the coaching staff, the big time Yankee fan told scout.com that he really liked the coaches a lot. He said that Coach Emanuel is very knowledgeable about the game and was great at breaking down film on each player. He also said that the way the coaches use the video system they have set up is very nice because it helps you understand what you are doing well and what you need to improve on in a real time manner.

He now has very high thoughts on Rutgers and really enjoyed himself. He feels just being around the campus felt natural and came away impressed with the staff and coaching style. He feels that RU will be a lot better because a lot more in state kids are going there and that will help Rutgers continue their drive to the highest possible level in college football. In speaking about RU, we noted there were a lot of "we" terms coming from Mike so it appears he is a fan who has bought into the program and hopes he will become part of the family.

As far as future goals for the talented football player with a 3.3 GPA, Mike informed us he's looking forward to breaking his school's record in spring track for the shot put. He already owns the winter track record of 54' and would like to add the spring record to his mantle. On the subject of football, he'd like to be recognized as an All-State defensive end or tight end. He'd also like to finish his senior year of football the way he finished his 4th, 6th, 8th, and 9th grade years…undefeated. He feels with the team they have, he's got a really good shot of having a perfect season and feels that would finish off his high school football career on a really positive note. As far as personal improvements, he'd like to continue getting offers and working out to get bigger and stronger. He's really hoping to go to a FBS school and is willing to put in the hard work to get there.

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