Recruiting Update: Malcolm Griggs

Every year there is always a buzz around Piscataway High School to see what players will become the next big names to go "D1". One of those names that has surfaced on the radar of a lot of big name schools is Malcolm Griggs. caught up with Malcolm to talk about his recruitment and how his spring and summer have been going to date.

For those who don't know, Malcolm is a safety, cornerback, and wide receiver from Piscataway High. He informed that he's mainly being recruited as an athlete at this time because of his versatility, but he is interested in playing wherever he feels a team can use him best. He's currently 6'2" and 195 lbs. and is looking to get even stronger and quicker to garner even more offers in the near future.

Malcolm told us that his recruiting is going very well to date. He's really excited with the prospectus of playing for some of the biggest names in the sport of college football. As of now, the two colleges that have shown the main amount of interest in him, so much as to give him an offer, are Akron and Cincinnati. Both schools are recruiting him as an athlete and Cincinnati has informed him he'll likely wind up at defensive back for them.

Beyond his two offer letters to date, the main players for his services have been Pittsburgh, Ohio State, Boston College, and Rhode Island. Malcolm has been talking regularly to the coaching staffs of Pitt and OSU and they have invited him to their camps. Other than talking to the aforementioned institutions on the phone, he has had no contact with them recently. He also hasn't received any other letters from schools yet and is excited to go to some camps to get his name out there.

The runner up for the Big Time Showcase DB MVP's camp schedule will start this weekend at Pitt and will move on to Cincinnati after the visit to Pitt. He's probably going to stay out in the Ohio area because he'd like to visit Akron and he's planning on camping at Ohio State next weekend. He's already attended the Premier Showcase and did well at that camp and his best camp to date was at the Big Time Showcase where he received a lot of looks for his performance. After his Ohio River Valley tour, he's looking to hit some camps closer to home in the tri-state area and New England.

For the time being, he's working out and hitting the weights a lot. He's focusing on getting a lot stronger over the coming months and improving his foot speed. Quickness is also on his agenda for the summer and getting his footwork at cornerback to a higher level is also something he plans on working on. Many of the institutions that have contacted him are looking at him for corner and wide receiver so he's trying to polish up his skills in those areas to put on a good showing at upcoming camps.

When asked how the in state universities play into his game plan, he said he likes Rutgers and hasn't heard much from other state schools. As of now, his plan is to go Football Bowl Subdivision so the FCS schools in the area aren't really in the forefront of his mind right now. He hasn't had much communication with Rutgers recently, but did attend the Rutgers junior day earlier in the year (as well as attending West Virginia's) and hopes he didn't fall off their radar. He really enjoys the university when he gets a chance to make the trip to the nearby school. He's quoted as saying, "I like RU…they are a big time academic program and an up-and-coming team as well that I think I'd enjoy being a part of."

As of now, Malcolm is waiting a little longer to declare a top 5 or even 3. He really does feel Cincinnati may be a good fit, but also noted that it's still early in the process. He's hoping by the next interview that he'll have more offers and he can start to look at the schools comparatively. Until then, look for him at a camp near you!

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