Meet Shaban "The Real Deal" Dika

Shaban Dika is not your everyday Joe. Albanian by heritage, he's big, strong, and ready to compete for playing time at a college near you. Standing 6' 4.5" and weighing in at 288 lbs., it's easy to see why this close friend of Betim Bujari found his way to the "Banks" this weekend for the Rutgers Big Man's Camp. SOR caught up with Shaban this week to get his thoughts on the Rutgers camp.

The ability to deliver that back breaking jolt that will break down a defensive tackle can be hard to come by for some offensive lineman. Shaban, white number 60 on the videos, showed a few times that he has that power to deliver that blow which will stop a DL in their tracks and give him the advantage. He also showed the versatility that makes colleges look twice at him because he performed well at tackle and even better at guard. He understands his surroundings and used them to his advantage at guard more than once pushing the defender into other offensive lineman and working well with those on the offensive line with him.

For now, Shaban is being recruited as an offensive tackle. While he has no offers to date and will play any position to get on the field, he says that he's been in contact with UTEP, Baylor, TCU, UConn, Rutgers, Texas, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, and Penn State. Of those schools, his main interest lies in Rutgers, Texas, Baylor, and TCU. While his dream school, Southern Cal, has yet to contact him, he feels really good about the program at Rutgers. He explained to that he likes the way Rutgers plays and really likes the coaches. He would like to play early and is willing to put in the work to gain that playing time. He's had a lot of contact with Coach Kyle Flood from Rutgers and enjoys speaking with him.

Shaban is currently playing high school ball in Texas after his family moved there prior to residing in the northeast (Beacon, NY), hence the Texas and tri-state feel to his recruiting. He's already visited the University of Texas, Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, Penn State, UConn, and Rutgers. He has camped at all of those universities and plans on camping at TCU, Baylor, and USC (if they contact him). He would like to go back to Rutgers if his schedule permits with his summer classes because he really enjoyed the camp.

When asked what he thought of the RU Big Man's Camp, the Cowboys fan told that he really liked it and he learned a lot. He really loves the coaches and Coach Flood lived up to all the recognition he gets within the field of coaching. He said the camp really taught him that to play at the next level you have to "bring all you know" to the field because the lineman are bigger, faster, and smarter. He also felt the pace of the camp and practices at the next level are a lot faster than what he expected.

Shaban, who sports a 2.8 GPA and has worked hard to make honor roll, said he feels very comfortable with the Rutgers coaches and their coaching system. His position coach, Coach Flood, is his favorite coach on the staff and he feels Coach Schiano had some really solid advice as well. He said all the coaches on the team have a lot of personality and their coaching style really makes him look forward to potentially being a part of the team.

When asked about his relationship with Betim, he told us that since both he and Betim are Albanian they had an instant connection. He said he'd love to play along side of him because they already call each other "brothers" due to their common heritage. He said Betim is really a class act and is a really good football player and he enjoyed playing next to him at the camp when they had the chance.

In closing, the Yankee fan told us that his interest in Rutgers was always there and has now skyrocketed. He feels really comfortable there because he has family that lives nearby and Betim has already committed and tells him he doesn't want to go anywhere else. He said the place just feels like home and he really likes the northeast because he grew up there. To end the conversation, Shaban declared "If they (Rutgers) offer, I'd really have to sit down with my family and talk about it because I liked the place and I want to make sure we are all comfortable with any decisions. Until any offers come in, I'm still keeping my options open, welcoming all offers, and ready to hit more camps and visit more colleges."

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