Jason Bromley: Ready for the Next Step

Jason Bromley already has the prototypical height that a college defensive end displays. Six foot three, a sleek two twenty-nine, and with a huge wingspan, he almost looks more like a small forward in how fluid his motions are around the football field. Scout.com caught up with Jason in his first phone recruiting interview.

When you first see Jason, you almost have the feel that 6'3" is a little too short when the tape measures him. He's tall and rangy and is what most college coaches love to see a defensive end look like. He speaks well for a person of his age and sports a solid C average (75/100) which he is working hard to increase over the next year. Watching him play, you almost have to wonder how much of an affect playing basketball has had in getting his feet quicker and his motions so fluid breaking around the tackle towards the QB.

In speaking to him, you easily see he has the drive to become better everyday. He's very excited to meet colleges and has had a few colleges in consistent contact with him. Outside of his dream school, Penn State, he's had contact with Rutgers, UConn, Stony Brook, James Madison, Fordham, and Albany. All of those schools have remained in contact with him currently and his main schools of interest are Rutgers, Stony Brook, James Madison, and Penn State. When asked to name a top 5 schools of those who have contacted him, he says Rutgers, James Madison, Stony Brook, UConn, and Fordham are his top 5 right now.

When asked what he thought of the Rutgers Big Man's Camp, he said he felt really good about his performance and about the camp. He said it's the first camp he's been to that focused on getting the best big kinds in the area on the same field and the camp was restricted to only the best 36 kids in the "state of Rutgers". He says he felt he held his own against great competition and he really enjoyed meeting the other players and competing.

Jason, who has no offers to date, told us that he's already attended a few other camps and intends on going to more. He informed us he attended the Lauren's First and Goal camp in PA and also took the trip down to Temple for their camp. He says he's planning on camping at Stony Brook in the near future and is hoping that Penn State contacts him to come to their camp. He says he would go back to Rutgers to camp again because he learned a lot at the RU Big Man's Camp.

In speaking about the RU coaching staff, he says he really loves the coaches at RU. He says, "You can tell they are looking to win and build a legacy at Rutgers that will carry into the future." He also informed scout.com that Coach Schiano told them you can't have an offensive and defensive line with any bad students. He felt it really showed him how much academics is stressed and cared about at Rutgers and by the coaching staff. Overall, he was very impressed with the coaches.

His feelings on Rutgers have become even more positive than they already were. He has been a fan of the football program and always liked the tradition Rutgers had in football, though it wasn't as well known by others. He really likes the coaching staff and the facilities and says that "They want to win now and that's what I want to do with where I go play football at."

As for future goals, Jason Bromley is just focused on getting his first FBS offer and says he will be blessed to play at the next level for a college (in general). He's working on getting his footwork even faster than it is now. He also feels that having a winning record in his high school division is something he'd like to achieve for his senior season. Personally, he's focused on getting more than 10 sacks next season and would like to be named 1st team all division next year for his performance.

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