Rob Forst: Stepping Out of a Big Shadow

Forst…the name sounds familiar to a lot of people around NJ right. After all, Rutgers' starting guard is named Art Forst so when met a smaller Forst (Art is over 6' 7") at the RU Big Man's Camp two weekends ago, we weren't surprised to learn it was Art's younger brother, Rob. caught up with Rob Forst this week, while he was up at Rutgers, to talk about his recruitment in his first interview.

Stepping out of his brother's enormous shadow, literally, is something that Rob has worked very hard to do. He's 6'3" and runs about 270 lbs. currently and is being recruited mainly as a center at the collegiate level. In high school, he currently plays right tackle and defensive tackle for a Manasquan team fresh off of a state championship. Academically he's right where his brother is as well posting a 3.5 GPA and already scoring a 1070 SAT on the math and verbal in his first attempt. He's quick, has good balance, and stays low on his blocks as well, which bodes well for a center prospect.

As far as the camp circuit goes, Rob isn't attending any more camps in the future and only attended the Boston College and Rutgers camps to date. He's got interest coming at him from a few different places and he's currently happy with where his recruiting is going. He's starting to focus back on getting ready for the upcoming football season where he's hoping to lead his team to another state championship. He's also hoping to improve in the weight room to get up to a 345 bench, a 345 power clean, and a 550 squat so he can be in better condition before taking on a college weight program this winter.

As far as his recruitment is going, Rob has already a developed a top 5. His dream school, Rutgers, is at the top of the list followed by Boston College, Central Florida, Hofstra, and Delaware. He's been hearing from all of those schools in addition to: New Hampshire, Temple, and Connecticut. Though he hasn't gotten an offer to date officially, Central Florida has given him a conditional offer based off of him visiting the campus and saying he'd like to play there. Hofstra, New Hampshire, and Delaware have also expressed their interest in him becoming a scholarship athlete for their schools, but have not extended an official offer to date saying it'll be coming soon.

When we started talking about Rutgers, Rob (who loves to surf and snowboard) informed us that he loves everything about the school. He feels really comfortable there and feels they have a great football program. He feels the football program has been going in the right direction now for a few years and will continue that trend in the future. He said, "You can tell that they will be playing for a national championship soon with all the talent they have and the talent they have coming in."

When we started to talk about the coaching staff, Rob told us that Rutgers has a very special coaching staff. He said they all mesh so well and work extremely well around Coach Schiano. He feels that the coaching staff is one of the better ones in college football and they will get Rutgers to do great things now and in the future. He feels they treat their players well and teach them everything they know so they can become the best players they can.

When asked what he thought of the RU Big Man's Camp, Rob informed us that the staff did an outstanding job running the camp. He said he's been to other camps where local coaches are involved in running it and not the coaches from that perspective college, which didn't happen at RU. He really felt the caliber of the coaching staff matched up with the caliber of the players they had in attendance. He felt it was a superior camp for a position based camp and enjoyed working with Coach Flood.

In closing, Rob is hoping to play for a Football Bowl Subdivision school, but isn't ruling out the FCS as well if the FBS doesn't pan out. He's looking forward to taking a trip to UCF to see what they have to offer and is hoping that Rutgers and Boston College are giving him a good look as well. He's a hard working player and is looking forward to joining a college team in the future. Until he gets his first official offer, he'll continue to stay in shape, play basketball, and practice playing his guitar.

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