Joe Falato: Layin' ‘Em Out Flat

Joseph Falato is now becoming a big name that is surfacing on the radars of a lot of universities. His recruitment has recently started to take off, in part because his high school hasn't been known for dominating football players in the past.

But coaches have now figured out where Lodi is since Joe led them to the state playoffs and they are starting to make time to visit the high school in the little old piece of Italy nestled in North Jersey.

Standing 6'3" and weighing 235 lbs., Joe Falato is just what each coach is looking for…size and versatility. His specialty is defense and that's where he prefers to be. For his high school, he plays middle linebacker and that is the position he's being recruited for and would like to play in college as well. That said…there are still plenty of schools licking their chops to see what he can do if he were to bulk up a little more and switch to defensive end or defensive tackle. But for the time being, Joe says that he likes the middle linebacker spot because he feels he's a good leader on the field.

The Giants fan is hearing a lot of noise and his coach, Coach Tirico, is seeing a lot more institutions come calling recently. To date, Joe has received an offer from Louisville to come in as a middle linebacker and he's very excited about it. Another FBS school that has thrown their hat in the mix enough to visit his high school is Miami and schools that have corresponded with him via phone are: Rutgers, Connecticut, Notre Dame, and Pittsburgh. Some FCS schools hoping Joe may entertain playing for them are: Bryant, Monmouth, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

When asked what is going to assist him in making his decision on what college to attend, Joe replied, "Playing early, location because I'm not a fan of being in an area where there aren't a lot of people outside of college, and academics because if all else fails I'd like to get a good job and have a respectable college on my resume."

When asked if any in state schools are playing into his decision, he said he wouldn't mind playing for a smaller in state school if the FBS route doesn't happen. He claims that Rutgers is a program he's interested in learning more about and he wants to get there to see the facilities and meet the coaches. He said Rutgers hasn't come at him particularly hard yet, but he did get an invite to the Rutgers Big Man's Camp this weekend (which he may not attend due to a wedding). He says, "they fit the mold of what I'm looking for so I want to see what it's like."

On the topic of camps, the Yankee fan told us he attended the Delaware camp last year and that his team normally chooses a camp to go to as a team each year. He isn't sure what camp that will be yet because his coach hasn't informed the team yet, but he's looking forward to it. Beyond that, he is hoping to get a chance to camp at a few other colleges, but hasn't made any plans just yet due to baseball season ending only a few weeks ago.

As for future goals, the avid beach-goer tells that he's really working hard to make first team all state next year, which in NJ will be quite the accomplishment. It'll finish off his ascension to high school football recognition in NJ because he was already named 3rd team All-Bergen in 2007 and 1st team All-Bergen in 2008 so All-State is the next step up. He also has set a goal of playing in the NJ vs. the NE game because he really feels that would be a great experience. Beyond that, he's focused on getting faster and improving his SAT score so he can score more offers from some of the big name schools in contact with him.

His top 5 for the time being is: Connecticut, Penn State, South Florida, Notre Dame, and Louisville in that order. He understands there is a lot of time to go before making a decision and he's interested in getting to see more colleges so nothing is set in stone just yet. That being said, Joe was very pleasant to talk to and you can sense the confidence he has in being a leader on the field and in the beliefs he has in what he's looking for.

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