Huge OL with Rutgers Offer

Standing 6'8 and 335 lbs, Robby Havenstein is a load. Amongst his vast qualities as an offensive lineman, he claims to move quite well for his immense size. The 1st Team All- State offensive juggernaut currently holds approximately 15 offers in which NC St., Wake Forest and USF are his latest.

Rutgers has also gotten into the action and has offered Robby the opportunity to join them on the banks.

"Recruiting is going well. I just came back from a trip to Maryland. The coaches were showing me around and giving me more of a feel for the academic side of life on campus. I thought it was real nice and enjoyed myself. Maryland is the home state school. They have good tradition and are doing a good job of keeping Maryland kids local" said Robby Havenstein.

In regards to Rutgers, he mentioned, "I haven't really been there yet so I can't speak too much on the facilities or anything. I can say that I like my recruiting coach Gary Emanuel a lot. He seems like a good guy."

When asked which of the 2 schools would he say is in his favorites, he stated, "probably both of them. I haven't made a favorites list or anything and I also haven't taken a lot of visits but I like both schools."

As for his skills, he admitted, "I am a bigger guy who brings a lot of size and power. I also have pretty good feet from playing basketball all these years. I have good overall athleticism for a big offensive lineman. I think that I am an all-around lineman although I could work on my pass blocking a bit though".

Havenstein is currently working hard at increasing his speed and quickness. "I run every day with my team and have started to eat better. For me, it's all about getting faster. My goal is to lose 15 more pounds. I have already lost 10 lbs and feel a lot better for it."

Finally, when asked what he is looking for in a college, he stated, "I'm just looking for a place that fits me. I have never been a big city boy or anything like that. I'm more concerned about academics and the strength of my degree when I get out". SOR will keep you posted.

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