Soon to be Sophomore Set to Impress

This is true for our introduction to Old Tappan Frosh Phenom Devin Fuller. During our interview with Mike Reilly, we stumbled across a video of a quarterback from his high school. After watching the video, it's very easy to assume Devin will become a household name with more than a few colleges in the future. Check out his first interview.

Fluidity is something a lot of analysts use to describe so many scrambling quarterbacks. You watch them move in and around the pocket and it almost looks like they know what will happen before it does. You watch them run in the open field and a simple fluid cutback can make a defender look silly. Watching Devin Fuller's video, you really get the feel that he has that "it" factor when it comes to how fluid he moves. For a young man who is 6' tall and 175 lbs, he also has very good arm strength for a person his size and weight. And what makes it even scarier is he's working to improve his current 4.68 40-yard speed to get into the low 4.5s. All that and he's still growing and hasn't filled out yet!

So we spoke to Devin and found out that he greatly enjoys playing quarterback and safety on his high school team. He prefers offense because he likes to be that leader on the team, but he said he'd look at playing safety in the future too if colleges felt that was his better usage. He feels his accuracy and scrambling ability are his greatest assets and he also feels he's very comfortable throwing on the run (which he does quite a bit). He's working to improve on his reading of defensive schemes and feels he needs to understand coverage better to become a complete quarterback. He's also training very hard with a personal trainer to improve his strength, speed, and agility so he can be ready for his upcoming football season.

As far as how his freshman year went, Devin felt pretty good about his contributions and how his team did. He said his team finished the year very strong and closed out their regular season with 5 straight wins. He was named to the all-league team as a quarterback as a freshman, which he feels was a great accomplishment that he's proud of. He also contributed in track and field and ran the 100, 200, 400, and 4 x 4 relay for the track team and plays shooting guard on the basketball team. He is very well spoken for a young man his age and also has a 2.5 GPA which he is working to improve on in the upcoming years.

He hopes to improve on his freshman year by totaling over 3,000 yards from scrimmage his sophomore season. He feels that doing that will mean his team goes into the playoffs and has a very realistic shot at winning the state championship he covets. His main personal goals are to be named an All-County performer for his sophomore year, an All-State performer for his junior year, and an All-American for his senior year at Old Tappan. All of these goals are very big feats, but very attainable, for a young man who's willing to put in the hard work to achieve his dreams.

As far as underclassmen camps, Devin attended the Boston College camp a few weeks ago and won the offensive MVP award. The Redskins fan also was invited to the Ultimate 100 camp, but could not attend because he was sick. He said Boston College, who is the only FBS college that contacted him so far, has very nice facilities and he enjoyed the camp there. He also said that he's most interested in colleges that use a spread style offense (like West Virginia, Oregon, and Kansas) and wouldn't mind playing anywhere if safety were in his future. When asked about local schools, he said he really likes all of them, but since a lot of them don't employ a spread offense he feels more inclined to look at schools that do. He said nothing is certain and 3 years is plenty of time for changes to happen so he's keeping an open mind on everything.

In the world of recruiting, a lot of colleges are going to start stopping through the town in northeast Jersey while visiting other big name programs like Don Bosco. Rightfully so, as Devin appears to be on the fast track to success on the football field with his commitment to the game at an age when kids are just looking to have fun. We wish Devin the best of luck on his development into the big time prospect he is working hard to become and on his future studies.

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