Dodd Commits to Rutgers

Just yesterday, SOR discussed the Dodd offer and his high interest level as well as provided a recruiting analysis on how he can contribute to the Scarlet Knights. Early this morning, we have learned that the talented 6'0 190-pound gunslinger has committed to Rutgers in an effort to provide them with a different type of quarterback than what they have come to know.

SOR caught up with Chas a couple minutes ago to discuss the commitment.

"Yesterday, I called Coach Ciarrocca first and told him that I wanted to commit. He was pretty excited. Then I called Coach Schiano and told him. He was happy too. I just really liked my visit and everything including the coaches. I plan to work really hard and see where it goes from there. I am ready to go there and win a national championship." said Chas Dodd.

He continued, "It will be a little bit of an adjustment being that there are different types of people up there with different accents, but I have met some of the players and they all seem real nice. Rutgers seems like a real accepting place and I like the family aspect."

This commitment marks the inclusion of South Carolina to the state of Rutgers. Dodd hopes to further solidify this inclusion by being a spokesman for Rutgers in his region. He stated, "I'll definitely be talkin' to some guys. That's why I got Marcus and Torian to come up with me. I'll be talking to others too. I might be able to get one of my teammates up there with me. We'll see."

Dodd talked about how being the son of a coach has helped him. "It has helped me a lot especially with knowledge and learning about the game from an early age. He (my dad) coached in college too so he knows how its gonna be to be able to prepare me. Being that he is an offensive guy, he helps me break down defenses. It has definitely been a jump start for me."

In regards to the transition from a spread offense to the pro-style, he stated, "Although the offenses are different, we do a lot of the same stuff. The concepts are similar. I have talked with Coach Schiano about different plays and stuff we are gonna do. The thing he liked most about me in camp was my footwork. They are confident that I will be a good fit because of my footwork and how I throw the ball."

As for his final message for the state of Rutgers, he mentioned, "I'm comin' to do what I gotta do to help win a national championship." SOR will keep you posted.

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