FL QB Looks To Attract More Attention

QB Micheal Slack may lack the prototypical size of an elite college QB, but he surpasses most with his football IQ and many with his arm strength. Michael Slack, the son of Former UCF record holder at the QB position and current QB guru Darren Slack, has been around the game of football all his life.

Slack has learned from watching his dad teach some of the best QB's in the game. And now he even does some teaching of his own.

"My dad runs the Darren Slack QB academy and we go on National Tours. I get to participate in the events and the repetition and practice constantly make me better. I also have been doing it for such a long time that I end up spending a lot of time teaching the kids that come to camp".

Some of the players that Slack recently helped coach were Kansas State 's Chris Harper and Rutgers ' D.C. Jefferson. "Chris is a great athlete and he really benefited from our camp. You could see him smooth out as he continued to work on his throws. He has to sit out a year after transferring from Oregon to K-State. I think he could grasp the system and continue to improve his mechanics and be a very good player.

D.C. came in and really focused on improving his mechanics. His throwing motion was a bit inconsistent when he first came in. But you could see he started to get it after the few days we spent with him. He just really needs to continue to get in his repetitions and practice throwing the right way. He has the size and all the tools to be a really special player. I would say I have pretty good arm strength and I was clocked in at 53 mph on the gun. D.C. was clocked in at 59 mph which is unheard of. He also really matured from when we saw him last year".

Slack, who stands at 5'11 170 pounds, garnered 1B All-State honors in Florida last year. He threw for 1545 yards, 16 TD's and 8 Int's while completing close to 60% of his throws. He hopes to have an even bigger year this season. "I switched schools for my senior year. I have been working really hard with my training. I have been jumping a lot of work and doing drills to increase my footwork. I also throw a lot to make sure I maintain my accuracy and feel at the position. I am trying to be the best QB, leader and teammate I can be. I have a real solid foundation on how an offense should run. Now I am just fine-tuning things".

QB Coach Steve Cisneros watched Slack participate in an event recently. "He is a modern day Doug Flutie. This kid can make all the throws. He has a great arm. He can throw forty yards on a line. He has quick feet. He is very consistent with the way he gets his feet under him, his weight transfers, and his release point. He can make all the throws. He has good speed. We timed his at a 4.6 in the forty yard dash. But his height is what is going to hurt him. Some schools like Kansas can see beyond the height issue and you see a Todd Reesing be successful. But his mechanics and his football IQ are top notch. I think he will one day be an outstanding football coach. Like his dad, he just lives this stuff".

Slack mentioned some of the things that are important to him in a school. "I am really in to school and getting a solid education. I carry a 4.3 GPA and take that seriously. I also want to be around coaches that love and respect the game of football. And I want to be around a group of guys that I feel comfortable with and have a passion for the game".

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