Lovelocke Completes The Camp Circuit

With the recent addition of Chas Dodd to the Rutgers 2010 recruiting class, head coach Greg Schiano might not be looking for any more quarterbacks right now. But if the Scarlet Knights are looking to have a fifth scholarship-quality quarterback going into the 2010-2011, Baltimore quarterback Jerry Lovelocke deserves a serious look.

Jerry Lovelocke is a 6-foot-4, 200-plus pound pocket passer with his fair share of 300-plus yard, multi-touchdown games at the helm of Edmondson-Westside High School who just finished his summer camp circuit.

Lovelock attended Rutgers camp the weekend of June 26 and also attended events at Ohio State, Toledo and the University of Virginia. Of those camps, Lovelocke said Rutgers was one of his favorites because of the way it was run. "Rutgers was a pretty good camp," he said. "I really liked the way they broke it down into small groups to learn how things are done. The biggest thing I learned there was with my ball movement."

Getting personal attention from the college coaches working the camps was something that he found extremely beneficial and important to what he took from said camps. Rutgers, the seemingly most hands-on camp that he attended, impressed him with this whereas other camps like Ohio State's did not. "I didn't like the way it was split up [at Ohio State]," Lovelock said. "There were just so many people there that you felt like they weren't giving people the attention they should get." Another intruiging feature of Rutgers to the Baltimore quarterback was the presence of well-known quarterbacks coach Kirk Ciarrocca. Before becoming RU's co-offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, Ciarrocca held the same job at Delaware, where he coached Joe Flacco. "[Coach Ciarrocca] seemed like a pretty good coach," Lovelocke said. "He really makes sure you understand what he's saying … It's cool when you know he knows what he's talking about with what he did [for Joe Flacco]."

Although Lovelock has yet to receive offers from bigger name schools like Rutgers and UVA, he might not need to wait to get them because he already has five Division I offers on the table from Akron, Central Michigan, Kent State, Temple and Towson. He has already taken visits at both Towson and Kent State that he described as "pretty good learning experiences." "Right now I'm focused on the season," he said. "I feel like I left all of the camps a better quarterback, but right now is about having a good enough senior year to eventually make my college decision." "As a team, I want to win states, but individually I want to have an outstanding season … It's not about what stats I put up, but more of a state of mind knowing that I was outstanding."

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