Quintero Frierson

Quintero Frierson, 6-1, 215, LB, 4.5, Coral Gables HS, Coral Gables, FL     

Rutgers picked up a huge commitment in Quintero Frierson today. I talked to his mom early this evening.

Why did he chose Rutgers?

"He only did one trip other than Rutgers. He just really enjoyed the school and its academic program. Academics was number one."

When I mentioned that Quintero didn't seem that enthused about his trip when I talked to him in December his mom noted, "He's just like that. He's not talkative. He's a little shy. On the field he is one way but as a person he's another."

Is Quintero a full qualifier?

"He is just short a few points on his test score. He was very, very close so he'll be taking the test again."

How solid is this commitment?

"He is really enthused about Rutgers, I don't think he'll change. I'll let him make up his own mind but I don't think he'll change."

Will he still take anymore visits?

"He'll be taking a visit to Michigan State at the end of the month."


Last year Frierson had an astonishing 142 tackles in the regular season. Through the first five games this season, he has 88 tackles, two interceptions, and two sacks. Frierson was named one of the best prospects in Florida in a preseason choice of top players by the Orlando Sentinel.
This year Quintero ended up with 161 tackles, 7 sacks. He had one touchdown on defense and 3 on offense. He plays tight end on offense where he had two catches for TDs and one run for a TD. The The touchdown on defense was a 40 interception.
Frierson had offers from Auburn, Tennessee, Wake Forest and Rutgers. He is noted for superb on the field instincts.

Frierson will be playing in the All South Florida game later this month.

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