Attracting Interest After the Camp Circuit

One player who is garnering a lot of attention on the recruiting front is Gaithersburg (MD) HS product Axel Ofori. Having a name like Axel, you need to be tough to live up to your name and Ofori is just that displaying his skills at Rutgers a few weeks ago. caught up with Axel to discuss his recruitment.

At 5'10" and 185 lbs, Axel is being recruited mainly as a defensive back and safety by colleges. While his size may not show it, he plays a lot bigger than he is and has the potential to become even bigger in the future. He's toured the camp circuit, mainly in the Mid-Atlantic States, and is really hoping to make a decision by the start of his senior year to get it out of the way. He also said that he may wait to take some visits before pulling the trigger if he feels some other universities may offer.

Currently, Axel has offers from 2 colleges, the University of Louisville and Tennessee State University. Louisville is his only FBS offer and he said he really liked Louisville's campus and their coaching staff was nice. While he hasn't heard at all from his dream school in the paradise city of Gainesville (University of Florida), he has heard from a lot of other schools. He said he's had contact with Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Connecticut, North Carolina, Rutgers, Maryland, Towson, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. He's camped at every school on the list except for North Carolina, which he's camping at this weekend. He really has enjoyed his visits to all of the colleges and says he likes different parts of each one. His current top 6 in order of interest are: Louisville, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Rutgers, and West Virginia.

In regards to the camp at Rutgers from two weeks ago, Axel said it was a really good camp. He felt the campus was very nice and he liked how it was set up. He also felt the coaching staff was very nice to him and "they cared as much about us having fun on the field as they did running drills and evaluating us." He said he wasn't the only one that felt that way because other players told him that as well. Overall, he said it was a good camp and was different from others.

When talking about the facilities and campus at Rutgers, Axel felt it was a nice and big place which is something he enjoyed because it gave him choices. He spent lunch at the dining hall and enjoyed the atmosphere that was there with Rutgers students eating all around him. He really liked the facilities for the football team in the Hale Center. He said there were three things that stuck out in his mind the most and they were: the weight room, the training room, and the historical areas displaying the trophies and so on. He said, "All three areas looked really nice and the training room was on par with the nicest I've seen."

In closing, Axel is looking for some competition for his services. He said Louisville is a great school and he's really looking at it hard, but he'd like to at least have a choice in where to go. If not, he's still on the fence about when to do official visits to schools because he doesn't want to interrupt his football season. He said he will do what he feels is best and he hopes he doesn't make the wrong choice, which is why he's being so careful. He still may pull the trigger though so he said "if anyone is thinking about offering, they may want to offer soon."

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