Catching Up with Phillips

WR Shakim Phillips has maintained his placement as one of the top players in the entire nation. He currently holds 24 offers and is in the process of beginning to cut down his list. Although he hasn't officially done so yet, Phillips was willing to share some of his most recent collegiate impressions.

Although he attempts to keep things close to the vest, we were able to get a couple tidbits out of him. Take a look.

"Recruiting is going well. I just came from a trip to North Carolina. I liked it a lot…. The coaches… the facilities… the atmosphere. It was real nice. I plan on officially cutting down my list soon. Maybe even after today" said Shakim Phillips.

Phillips appears to be taking the recruiting process rather slow and truly seems to be feeling out most all of the schools recruiting him. When asked who is currently recruiting him the hardest, he mentioned, "Pittsburgh. I like them a lot too. They call me all the time. I like their coaches and facilities too. It's kinda like a city and college football town. That's pretty cool."

Phillips claims his hand is back to 100% percent and he is ready to get going. "We are already practicing. My team has been at it since June 17th. Actually, I gotta go lift in like an hour. When asked his current goals for the upcoming season, he simply stated, "to win".

As for his interaction with Rutgers, he mentioned, "I speak to Coach Hewitt, Coach Jenkins and Coach Schiano pretty often. I get along real well with all of them. Rutgers is a nice place."

He continued, " I'm just gonna finish my visits, then sit down and take a look at everything, and just go from there."

Although eluding the question of the teams in his final top 5, Shakim did mention that all 3 of the teams mentioned in this article are definitely in it. He stated that he would like to make his final commitment to his university of choice by September. SOR will keep you notified.

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