Dorsey Looking For Offers

Christian Dorsey is not from a traditional high school football powerhouse. He's not the type of person to back down from a challenge. He is a smart young man, with a lot of athletic potential, who has caught the eye of recruiters thinking he can be an impact "under-the-radar" player that can help their team. caught up with Christian after his trip to camp at Rutgers.

At 5' 10" and about 195 lbs, Christian Dorsey is one of those athletic players coaches look for to round out a team. He fits the mold of a running back and also fits in the mold of a physical corner or a free safety. It's that versatility that has helped colleges find their way to Essex County to visit Montclair High School. He reports a 3.1 GPA and an 1170 SAT on the math and verbal so any college that is interested will be getting a solid student as well. He's also a hard worker who is focused on getting on the field to play in college, wherever that may be.

Over the past year, Christian has been hearing from a multitude of colleges. He's had consistent contact with Temple and has gone to camp there as a running back. He's also heard consistently from Pittsburgh and Maryland, who are recruiting him as a defensive back, and went to camp there as well. In addition to those camps, Christian has visited Villanova, North Carolina, Rutgers, Bryant, and is going to Delaware this weekend for camp. He said most colleges are recruiting him as a defensive back, but he has no offers to date.

While Christian would like to move out of the North Jersey area for college to see another part of the country, he's not opposed to staying home as well. He said he really enjoyed hitting the camp circuit and it made him think about other parts of the country as a nice destination. He named his "high interest" top 3 as Maryland, Pitt, and Temple, but also stated that he'd enjoy going to any school to play football if they offer. If he had to round out a top 5, he said he'd include Rutgers and North Carolina with "medium interest" in that 5. However, his main amount of interest lies with the frontrunners because he feels they've recruited him the hardest to date.

As far as how he felt regarding the Rutgers camp, he really liked the camp and said that it was different from the others he's gone to. He said that there were a lot more 1-on-1 drills at Rutgers when compared to the other camps he'd gone to. He said most of the other camps did an even amount of drills versus 1-on-1 versus 7-on-7, whereas Rutgers mainly focused on drills and 1-on-1. He said he really liked how Coach Pinkham and Coach Hewitt coached them up during and after the drills. He said he felt like they gave him a lot of good pointers and liked how in depth their explanations were to why it was important he perform a specific way.

He really has had closer contact with Coach Hewitt and said he's shown up at several of his high school games. He said Coach Schiano really has focused the atmosphere at Rutgers on building a family-style, tight-knit group of players. He could tell that if you are part of the Rutgers team, the coaching staff cares about you as if you were their own and wants you to succeed in all phases of life. He said it was refreshing to see that because there are so many other places that didn't really focus on that in their camp culmination.

He said he's toured the facilities and the campus a few times and he got to see the expansion. He said he really likes the campus and the facilities and they are up there with all the schools he's toured. He said he's toured the full Maryland campus and facilities and really enjoyed the tour. He also said that he just toured the Pitt facilities and felt they had nice facilities as well. He said you can tell all three schools really care about the appearance of what they have to offer.

In closing, Christian said his interest in Rutgers has increased, but since they are close to home he's looking at them as another option right now. He said if Rutgers did offer, he'd much rather go there then go to a FCS school or try to walk on at an out of state school. Overall, he said he's always enjoyed his trips to RU and felt the camp was fun. He's still looking for that elusive first offer and is hoping to get that soon so he can start forecasting his future.

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