German Sensation visits Rutgers

A name that you will become accustomed to know is Bjoern Werner currently of the Salisbury School in CT. According to his coach, Christopher Adamson, this former soccer player has everything that you could possibly desire in a defensive lineman.

At 6'4 275 lbs, he is big, strong, fast, has a solid understanding of the game and a mean streak.SOR caught up with Coach Adamson to discuss Werner's recruitment.

"Bjoern Werner is the real deal. He is a big time football player. He is truly well-rounded. He can get on the edge and pin his ears back. He's a tough kid and is extremely hard to run away from. He can really run you down. He's strong at the point of attack. He is a very coachable, great kid who is really humble. He can work a bit on technique but that's it. He's as good as they come." said Coach Adamson.

He continued, "He currently has 12 offers from BC, UCONN, Maryland, NC St., Missouri, Rutgers, Tulsa, Boise St., UTEP, Cal as well as a couple others. We believe Oregon is close to offering. Virginia, Duke and Penn St. are heavily involved as well. He went down to Friday Night Lights at Florida and did real well… and all of this is off of his sophomore film because he didn't even play for us as a Jr. because he went back to Germany. People are still discovering his film. He's actually up at Rutgers right now. He'll be at Maryland tomorrow, then UCONN and North Carolina. He's wide open at this point. I think it will all come down to whether he is comfortable leaving the east coast and the family he was placed with to go elsewhere."

Apparently, Werner is a part of a program which takes athletes from a different country, brings them to America and gives them the opportunity learn and participate in athletics right away. Therefore, he was immediately eligible to transfer and play although, according to the rules of the program, being that he was a Jr. in Germany, he was instead qualified to be a sophomore here domestically. Werner was one of twelve kids given the opportunity to do so and, according to his coach, is probably the best of the bunch. He took full advantage of the opportunity and dominated while playing DT at Salisbury during his sophomore year (2007). Unfortunately, during his U.S. Jr. year, he got home sick and returned to Germany. His film has been shelved for most of that time and many colleges are just beginning to take note now. Werner has since returned to the U.S. and will be re-assuming his defensive duties for the Salisbury school this upcoming season as a senior.

Adamson mentioned that Bjoern is interested in attending a college where he can get a good education. He will be taking plenty of visits this summer to weigh his options. He is a student of the game and has become very knowledgeable about college football and even followed the sport while back in Germany. SOR will update you with his impressions of today's Rutgers visit later on today on the premium message boards. Stay tuned.

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