Rutgers Leads Tight Race after Visit

Andre Simmons is a player who has flown slightly under-the -radar although he has 8 FBS offers from some of the big time programs including Rutgers, Virginia, West Virginia and Boston College. After watching his film, it is undeniable that he is a player and its understandable why he is the number one safety on the boards of a few different teams. SOR spoke with him about his leader board.

"I talked to my head coach and I'm probably gonna commit in early September. The teams in the running so far are BC, Vanderbilt and Rutgers. So I guess you can say they are my top 3." said Andre Simmons. Other schools that have an opportunity to get into the race are Northwestern, Illinois, and West Virginia whom have all offered as well.

This terrific young player currently from the South Secondary School (VA) stated, "I understand the game a lot. I learn quickly, am physical and am good at run support. I am the quarterback of the defense and get everybody lined up as well."

Most of the schools recruiting him are looking for Andre to play free safety on the next level. At 6'1 and 195 lbs, his 4.5 speed and good decision-making make him an ideal selection for the position. Andre is looking to go to a place where he can get a good education as well as have a great relationship with the coaches and players because these are the people he will be spending most of his time with over the next 4-5 years. He also wants to play as soon as possible. He claims he wouldn't mind having to redshirt but ultimately he is going wherever he decides to go in order to play.

As for the schools in his top 3, he has visited all of them. Below are his impressions of each of them:

BC: "I visited BC once and was supposed to take a second trip there but didn't. They go to the ACC championship a lot lately and they have a winning tradition. They want me to play FS and the location is good. It's not too close but not too far. They showed me how they have been going to bowls for a while and they have a nice campus. They told me they are only taking 1 safety and they hope that is me. They claim they will utilize me early which is good."

Vanderbilt: "All three of these schools have strong academics but you can't mention Vanderbilt without mentioning academics. They are in the SEC and are a team on the rise. There is a lot of southern hospitality and everybody is friendly. They are doing a lot of building and expanding… the dorms, the stadium and all the facilities so that is nice. The only thing is, it can get real hot out there. When I visited, it was like 100 degrees."

Rutgers: "Coach Emanuel is my recruiting coach. He's real nice and a real cool guy. We talk often. He's pretty laid back. I would say he's a good recruiting coach. Rutgers came in late, but they really took advantage during my visit. They told me I am the number one safety on their board. I liked everything about the trip."

He continued, "Rutgers has real nice facilities. They have all brand new stuff. The freshmen seem to play pretty early and they try to get all their DBs on the field. I visited them on June 25th so they are my last (latest) visit but they made me feel the most like they wanted me. They definitely showed me the most love. I talked to the head coach for 1 ½ hours. I met with all the coaches there. I got the star treatment riding around in the Escalade with Coach Schiano and he showed me everything. The strength Coach (Coach Butler) was real cool. He is one of the best in the nation and got an award in like 2007. They are expanding too. I want to major in business and they told me how they are only 45 minutes away from Philly and 45 minutes away from New York so obviously they have a lot to offer."

Hearing his excitement about the Rutgers program urged me to ask who his leader is. Simmons reluctantly responded, "Maybe Rutgers. I mean, they are my last visit so I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but I was so impressed by how much they showed me they wanted me. Yea, right now I would say they are in the lead. SOR will keep you posted.

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