Terrence Casper: Doing what it takes

You would think that collegiate recruiters would be banging down the door to attain a 6'7 198-pound receiver with significant production and occasional dominance. That isn't necessarily the case for Terrence Casper. Although he has immense potential, his previous lack of attention due to academics have made many institutions take the wait and see approach.

Going into the 2009 season, Terrence realizes what he needs to do to become the recruit that he should be. Let's take a look inside.

"I don't have any offers yet. Most schools are waiting to see my grades. I took a couple summer classes to boost my GPA. I'm at a 2.3 right now and I'm going to continue working to improve that number even more. I scored a 1500 on my SAT so I am good there because they told me I needed a 1,000. So I'm just practicing now and focusing on my grades. The days of me being lazy are over. I started kinda late, but I get it now." said Terrence Casper.

Terrence also participated in track in field and claims he was able to boost his 40 time to somewhere within the 4.5-4.6 range. This additional speed will also be of benefit to him in attracting collegiate coaches. There has got to be an academically conditional scholarship awaiting a guy this big moving that fast. Casper mentioned, "I've been in the weight room a lot too and am getting stronger. I work out twice a day before practice. My bench press is up to 255 lbs and I'm running in the 4.5's now."

Casper already sports a terrific pair of hands. He was said to have the best pair of mits at the Nike camp he attended this summer at Penn State. "Me and my teammates (Joe Brennan and Sherard Cadogan) went down to Penn St. for an unofficial visit before the Nike Camp. We figured that since we were already in town, why not take a look at the place. It was real nice. As far as the camp, I did pretty good at camp against the best competition in the Northeast Region. I read where they said I had the best hands there. I got matched up with my quarterback (Brennan) during 1-on-1's and the 7-on-7 so I was able to be more comfortable. I learned a lot there. I took some of the things I learned at camp and apply them now… " he said.

When asked which schools he hoped to take officials to, he stated, " Penn St., Ohio St., and Tennessee. I might go to Rutgers and I will probably go to Cincinnati too.

The most recent interaction that Casper has had with coaching staffs has come from Rutgers and Penn St. As for Rutgers, he mentioned, "I went to Rutgers practice this past spring and spoke to Coach Schiano a little bit. He was just telling me what they (the team) do to prepare for the season… to get ready. I didn't get to make it up to camp though. I still get a lot of mail from them as well as Miami, Tennessee, Cincinnati and Ohio St. I will be up at Rutgers with my teammates for the Cincinnati game. It should be a good game". SOR will keep you posted.

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