Barr Discusses Top 2

Electrifying WR Martize Barr of Calvin Coolidge HS (DC) is a highly productive receiving threat. The 3 FBS programs that he has been receiving the most attention from are Rutgers, Kansas and New Mexico although 2 of those programs have taken the lead in the recruitment of his services. SOR caught up with Barr in order to learn just who those 2 programs are.

"If I were to commit right now, it would be between Kansas and Rutgers." said Martize Barr.

When asked when he planned to actually make his collegiate decision, he mentioned, "probably some time in September."

Martize broke down what he likes most about the 2 schools in the lead.

Kansas: "I like some of the coaches. They seem real genuine and cool. Their offense is similar to what we run in high school. I can do a lot of things in that offense. Also, it's far away and I wanna go far from home."

Rutgers: "I like the whole coaching staff. I like the head Coach… Coach Schiano and everything he is trying to do. I haven't spoken to him in person but I have received 2 hand written letters from him. The letters just basically asked about my family and reminded me that my senior year is very important. I was up at Rutgers for the BigTime Showcase where I was able to see the weight room and the field. They were both real nice. I like how they have the logos everywhere. Also, Coach Emanuel is real cool. He tells the truth about everything and what he is feeling. I plan to take a visit there before September because that's when I plan to commit."

When asked who is his current favorite between the 2, he mentioned, "Probably Kansas because I have more interaction with the coaching staff and the spread offense is real attractive."

Martize spoke on his style of play; "I am a real physical receiver. I'm a polished at an early age. I feel like I am (polished) like a college sophomore receiver. I have a high football IQ and can read defenses. I am fast (4.47 speed) and can outrun coverage".

As for what he is looking for in a school, "I'm just looking to go somewhere that reminds me of home so I can live up there for 4 years and everything else will fall around that." SOR will keep you posted.

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