Versatile Gause Working Hard

SOR caught up with talented sophomore athlete Quentin Gause to discuss his off- season which has involved intense training sessions as well as hard core recruiting attention. Many schools around the country have taken notice, but there are a handful of schools which peak his interest at the moment although he is definitely willing to weigh all of his options at this early stage.

This bright young man had a lot of interesting things to say. Check it out.

"Every day I have been training really hard and basically torturing myself. I have been going through college conditioning. I'm maintaining weight somewhere around 215 lbs but I'm getting faster and stronger. I work chest, shoulders, legs, back and arms throughout the week. I brought my forty down from a 4.7 to a 4.5 and my goal is to get it to a 4.2. My bench went from 225 to 275, I squat 525, and leg press 1,800 lbs. I also do over 200 push-ups a day as well as a lot of pull-ups. Me and a lot of my teammates are into this group from New York City call the Bartendaz. They do all kinds of cool push-ups and pull-ups. I have a few videos of me doing these types of workouts. I'll send them to you" said Quentin Gause.

Quentin is currently attending summer school but not for the reason that most kids do. "I'm taking a 6 week course. I am in summer school because I wanna pull my geometry grade up from a 98 to a 100. You gotta take academics seriously. I wanna become the hardest working athlete both on and off the field." Quentin currently reports a 92 GPA but claims his goal is to come as close to 4.0 as possible.

Recruitment-wise things are going quite well. Quentin is receiving correspondence from Rutgers, Louisville, Oregon, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Michigan, Virginia Tech, LSU, Miami, Florida, Virginia, UCLA, USC and Boston College. In response to whom his current favorites are at the moment, he mentioned, "I love Rutgers very much, Miami, Notre Dame and Oregon." Quentin eventually plans to take official visits to each these institutions.

As for RU specifically, Quentin mentioned, "We might try to visit there some time next week. I talk to Coach Fraser sometimes. I sent him some of my workout videos. He always asks me how I'm doing and asks about what I am up to. I just let him know that I am training hard and trying to become the best at what I do. He told me that he can't wait for me to come down."

This upcoming season, as a Jr., Quentin will be starting for Bishop Kearny (NY) at RB and LB while receiving playing time at WR and possibly DT as well. He concluded, "I just love the game and every single position. I wanna become the top overall NY prospect for the class of 2011. I know those are strong words but I believe I can do it". SOR will keep you posted.

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