Sitting Down with Sibilia

Early last month, SOR brought an article to you in the on-going recruitment of Antonio Sibilia. After speaking with Antonio, it's easy to see why being a recruit can involve just as much patience as it can coverage. There is no doubt he's been a mainstay in coverage and there's no doubt he's been on the radar of some top colleges. caught up with him this week after the RU camp.

Antonio Sibilia has been getting a lot of looks, currently, as an outside linebacker or strong safety. He's still about 6'1" and around 205 lbs so if he's in a relatively good position to put on weight and play either position. He's still been lifting a lot, doing new drills, and running to keep himself in great shape. He's had some ups and downs over the recruiting process, but states that no colleges are backing off from recruiting him, which is a good sign.

As an update to his recruitment, Antonio informed us the main three schools that have been in communication with him have still been Rutgers, Pitt, and Maryland. In addition to those three universities, he's still been hearing from Syracuse, West Virginia, Kentucky, Duke, Cincinnati, and formerly his only main FCS player in Princeton. Since our last interview with him, he's picked up interest from Perdue, Monmouth, and Hofstra and says they've been increasing their pursuit of him over the past month. His top 5 has added some other schools onto his previous top 3 and is currently: Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Maryland, Syracuse, and Perdue.

As far as how he's hitting the camp circuit, Antonio is done with hitting his camps for the year. He's in training mode to get ready for the upcoming football season. He hit a few camps this summer and went to Rutgers a few weeks ago for their camp. He felt the Rutgers camp was a good camp with a lot of really good athletes so that was a bright spot for him. He felt that the coaches have been very positive around him and feels he performed well at the camp overall. While there, he got a chance to talk to Tom Savage about the program and where it's going and he still feels it's a place he'd like to play in college.

In regards to any new opinions he has of Rutgers, Antonio stated he has a lot of the same opinions as before. He said it's still a great school that is close to home and he'd love to play there. He said their camp was on the turf at Rutgers stadium and it was really cool to see the stadium expansion in progress. He said it looks very nice and the scoreboard is going to be huge which is really cool. He said Rutgers is still his #1 choice and will likely stay that way until he gets an offer.

As far as how his recruitment has transpired, he said it's been good at times and hard at times. He's felt, in the past, that he's been very close to getting offers from several different schools, but still hasn't pulled that elusive first offer. He says the process has been a lot of fun and it's been fun to meet all the coaches from all the different schools. He says he's honored to be selected to come out and perform at a lot of camps with some of the best athletes in the areas of those colleges. He's still being patient with the recruiting process and hopes that his patience and perseverance will land him an offer. He states, "It's a good feeling to know that people feel I'm good enough to play at their school so they bring me out to compete against other good players."

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