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Football Recruiting - Recruit ponders lack of interest by Knights

New Brunswick High School senior Marvin Taylor, who led the Zebras to the Central Jersey Group II championship game, has made a nonbinding commitment to attend the University of Connecticut on a football scholarship. The senior said he chose the Huskies over Virginia, Syracuse and Kent State.
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Big East Football - Its that time of year, more defections from the Pitt coaching staff

Pitt lost its second football assistant in less than a week when running backs coach Shawn Simms left yesterday to accept the same position at Colorado. Linebackers coach David Blackwell left Pitt earlier this week to join the Clemson staff.
Pitt assistant takes Colorado position


Miscellany - A true national playoff - here are the brackets - Rutgers opens against Colorado in the first round

2002-2003 Ultimate National Title Bracket

Fan Feedback

It is so very, very, very hard being an RU alum, fan, whatever.
I watched that game (all games so far that has been on ESPN Full Court) and they are not good!
Everyone knows Coleman, Shields now and the oppositions defense is catered to stopping them as RU has no other go to guys that can score. There is no balance what so ever.
Axani isn't a starter (good 6 or 7 man off bench) but better than what RU has on bench.
McCoy does nothing, and Wright can't compete w/ the stud centers these other teams have.
Lamizana has done nothing and is overrated. If he played for another team he'd probably be a stud, scoring over 20 a game and getting over 10 reb a game. RU needs more out of him and he's not delivering.
Villanova took it to RU and showed RU that they a long way from competing w/ the better teams in Conf. Villanova "D" shut RU down, and they had great balance, scoring on perimeter and inside, it's what all coaches dream of.
Where was our "D"? RU plays perimeter as Villanova is shooting the nets of the baskets, then they go inside as they have a big advantage there also. They get a "3" right at half (questionable) but no one asks ref's to review? 14 pt game as that shot wasn't off and shouldn't have counted. Better than 17 pts at half.
Villanova will make NCAA's this year, and will dominate (next PITT) in years to come as their freshman class is outstanding. These guys can play.
Where's that leave RU?
Well my take on what I've seen this year to date is, we finish last in division, no BE tourney, no NIT. RU will have a losing record. RU will not improve on last year.
Wooten will be a player, but RU needs frontcourt scorers. RU is in trouble as our frontcourt players are "non impact" and until we get someone (preferably 2-3 frontcourt players that can score) RU will be cellar dwellers for years to come.
2003 recruiting class is OK, but I'm not sure Alleyne can stay on the court long because of endurance, the fast passed game Waters is playing now, he won't be able to keep up and stay on court that long unless he changes things for him.
RU is predictable (perimeter only), have no depth (Villanova has great depth), no frontcourt scoring threats, and no foul shooters. Got away w/ it last year but RU's biggest set back is no frontcourt scorer or rebounder.
If anyone saw the game last night, did you see how far RU's offense was starting away from the basket, almost out at midcourt! That tells you it perimeter as they are not attempting to get it in paint as they have no one that's a threat. If we did, we can then get it in, bring "D" in and kick it out for "3" or take it to hole.
If I were giving scholarships to players I want, I would want to be sure that that player can shoot foul shots over 65% at least.
RU has lost credibility on the subject that the RAC is a tough place to play as 2 BE teams beat them already (6-4 at home this year w/ a loss to LaSalle) . This is not a better team than last years, as the "experts " predicted prior to start of this season.
I had to vent as I'm tired of this football, basketball bitchslappng opponents give to RU.
However on a better note ....GO RU WOMEN'S BB. They are coming on.


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