Photo Album: Knights Report to Camp

After a long summer of preparation, the Scarlet Knights report to camp. The players have apparently been working very hard to achieve the physical results that we witnessed yesterday. Players such as Charlie Noonan, Joe Martinek, Ryan D'Imperio, Blair Bines, Marvin Booker and Mason Robinson headline the All-Eye Ball Test Team. Take a look at some of the physical transfarmations for yourselves.

2009 Scarlet Knights Report to Camp

Alex Silverstro

Caleb Ruch

Charlie Noonan

Dom Natale

Mason Robinson

Marvin Booker

Manny Abreu

Mike Larrow

Eric Legrand

Joe Legefed

Kevin Haslam

Jourdan Brooks

Joe Martinek

Joe Legefed

Jabu Lovelace

Howard Barbieri

Greg Schiano

Shamar Graves & Damaso Munoz

George Johnson

Jonathan Freeny

Eric Legrand

Dom Natale

Ryan D'Imperio

Devon Watkis

Devin McCourty

DC Jefferson

David Rowe

Charlie Noonan

Ryan Blaszczyk

Brandon Jones

Blair Bines

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis

Richard Muldrow

Zaire Kitchen

Desmond Wynn

Wayne Thomas

Tim Wright

Keith Stroud

Desmond Stapleton

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