Keys to the Georgetown Game

Five Keys to a Road Win against the Georgetown Hoyas.



1. Force TOs. If Georgetown can set up their halfcourt offense, Sweetney and their offensive rebounding will kill us. We must pressure them and disrupt their offense. We forced something like 25 TOs last year. And that was with Kevin Braswell running their offense. PG Drew Hall is listed as a backup. Georgetown starts 2 centers, 2 forwards, and a shooting guard. Turn them over.

2. Toughness. Saturday night was tutu night at the RAC. Weak rebounding. Soft fouls. No guts whatsoever. Especially in the frontcourt. Axani needs to wake up. He has been terrible lately. Kareem needs to put that size to work on the boards. We need a big rebounding effort out of Herve.

3. Attack Sweetney. Sweetney is going to give us fits inside. The best way to defend him is to put him on the bench. If Sweetney covers Herve, pull Sweetney away from the basket and drive on him. If Sweetney covers Wright, feed Kareem early and often. Use Herve to set screens on Sweetney and let Herve to to work on Sweetney if Wilson switches onto Wright. Go at Sweetney. Our wings must attack the rim. Not these cute floaters. Go hard to the rim. Force the fouls. If the Hoyas rotate, just once, dump the ball down to an open big man on the baseline so he can attack the rim.

4. Defenisive Rebounding. Georgetown is big and deep. They lead the Big East in offensive rebounding. No surprise there. Everybody must box out and fight for defensive rebounds. Rutgers can't afford to give Georgetown second chances opportunities.

5. Transition Scoring. Georgetown is prone to TOs. Rutgers is prone to forcing TOs. The Scarlet Knights are terrible at converting steals into points. Hopefully, reduced roles for Sherrod and Coleman will foster a more aggressive, unselfish demeanor from the team on the court.

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